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Toes wiggle up and down - maybe too much

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I've worn yhis pair of ski boots 4 times and the overall fit around mid section,heel,cuffs seems good. Very firm with no pressure points.  What is bugging me and maybe psychologically more so is my toes wiggle to what seems excessive. I can move them up and down almost an inch.They are placed firmly froms ide to side and do no slide around, but I can wiggle them about a half and again only up and own. The shell fit is good. It just seems ther is too much room in the toes. 


I though I would add some material under the liner just under the toes to make the space smaller,then I don't know what other things I could effect if at all.


I have used an Alpine and a Superfeet footbed but while both seem the help the fit overall they are very thin at the toes area and dfo not add any volume to the toes area to take up space.


How could I get the toes area fit to improve? What material would be suggested to accomplish this and where to add? 


Thank you.

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Seems strange that a boot is the right shell fit, with that much room up/down.   what is the shell fit like for width?  how much room side to side in the shell only?

Anyways,  ya, just add a standard, flat, stock footbed below the footbed that you are using.


maybe a thicker sock too?


Just recheck the shell fit, both length and width.   Is the boot on the big side of things?

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The shell has one middle fingers width between the back of my heel and the inside of the boot back while my toes barely touch the inside front of the boots toe space as I stand up inside them. There is about a fingers width on the side as well. 


They are a bit hard to get on because of a high instep and with the fit seeming well packed against my heel, sides and across the top of my feet ; I wonder if another footbed will take up too much volume overall. (I think you suggested using two footbeds by adding one footbed over the one I am using now.)  I will try this with the Alpine and Superfooot standard footbeds I have on hand. Maybe I should try the boot footbed I took out that came with the boot to put the current Superfooot footbed. It was a bit flatter as I recall and the Superfoot or Alpine footbed would sit or ride better on top of it. 


But aside from trying this, I am only trying to fill space in the toe area to gain a tighter / firmer fit. The balls of me feet seem fine again and only the toes area seems too large. To be more precise my toes wiggle about 1.5 CM or 3/4".  I have no clue how much wiggle they should have ideally. but in older boots I could wiggle my toes only minimally against the liner. 


Maybe raising just the toes with some foam or neprene placed under the liner (between the shell and liner or some rollled up duct tape in front of the football and under the toes would take up the space and not harm my stance or create any performance problem? 


Thaks again,


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sounds like the right lenght, but a WAY too wide boot.


try a shim, in a few different places, but I think that the foot will just move side to side, in the long run.


just to check again...


when you remove the liner, and stand centered in the shell front to back (same amount of room between your toes and the shell and your heels and the shell) you have 1 finger per side?   ya that is WAY to wide.  you want 0-2mm per side.


No harm in shimming them, but this will not work if the boot is that wide.


but try it,  can't really hurt much (other then your performance)

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There would be a almost a half fingers width on each side the way your taking it. This would be directly below the ankle bone. At the ball of my feet both sides are a hairs distance from the sides of the boot and touch each side if I roll my foot sideways the slightest amount. (Of course I cannot get my fingers up that far, and if I could there would not be room to get one betweeen the foot and the side of the boot.) 


But as I mentioned the boot is snug all over except for the toes and the only movement is up and down. To stay on point it was my toes that was the concern. And if placing a "shim" as you write under them would be the best way to remove some of this loose space. (So the shim goes in first and then the liner over it)  Or by taping some material to the liner above the toe area which would take up space that way and keep the toes on the bottom of the boot without raising them. Which is better from a skiing/performance/posture standpoint? Do you generally shim from the bottom?


I have three materials to try as 'shims'. I have a gel shoe shoe liner that has variable gradual thickness and is about 1/4" thick at the thickest. I can cut it to use an appropriate sized piece so it covers only the toe area and place it under the liner or I could tape it to the top.


I could do the same with a wide piece of velcro material that would also stick better to the boot. Again, either on the top or below. 


Or a small piece of wood that was made to shim a heel but I could insert it in facing the other way. This would probably need to go on the bottom as it has no flexibility.


Maybe a simpler way to ask is how you would take up extra loose space in the toe area of a boot and where/how you would place the shim?   


Thanks again,


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start with a thinner shim, and go thicker as needed.


between the footbed and the liner, inside the boot.  Try different shims in different places and see what works for you

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Much appreciated ...thank you.

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