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Incredible pain in lower legs

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Skip to second paragraph to skip backstory...  Ok, where to start...  It's 2AM and I was woken up after about two hours of sleep by the incredible pain in my lower legs.  I guess it started on Friday, a couple of backseat landings re-aggravated the shinbang I've had a couple times this season, and on Saturday morning it was definitely the most painful shingbang I've ever had, I skied anyways.  A bunch of advil seemed to numb the pain and I skied the whole day.  I managed to not have any backseat landings throughout the day, but on the second-to-the-last run of the day, I hit an uphill compression at a very high rate of speed, hard enough to push me flat back onto the snow, butt onto the tails of my skis, back and head smack against the snow, etc.  All of this might have nothing to do with the injury, but its the events that stick out in my mind.


Took Sunday off from skiing to let my legs recover.  Shinbang no longer seems to be the issue.  Though I can feel it if I rub my shin, it's not what's bothering me.  The outside of my legs, particularly my right leg, are in excruciating pain.  After looking at an anatomy chart I think it's coming from the Tibialis Anterior muscle: http://hippie.nu/~unicorn/tut/img/basics/humananatomy/leg-muscles.jpeg  It's just right of my shinbone, and I can feel the pain extend down into my ankle and the top of my foot, following the path that the Tib Ant seems to follow.  I walked fine all day, but after being woken up it was difficult to walk.  I soaked in the bath tub in hot water for a while which dulled the pain, but the second I climbed out it was back.


I've never experienced an injury like this that I can remember, and I'm mostly curious about what I could have done.  Torn the muscle?  If so why did it seem to take over 24 hours for the pain to really crop up?  What sort of motion/action would cause this type of injury?


Sorry for the ranting/rambling about what is probably a pretty self-explanatory injury, but it's 2AM and since I can't fall asleep, I didn't have anything much better to do.

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I would be suspicious of an anterior (+/- lateral) compartment syndrome.  Go see ER/ortho today

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Well, I guess the advil kicked in or something, I was finally able to fall asleep shortly after 3.  And I woke up this morning with virtually no pain...   Hoping to ski tomorrow, so I guess we'll see how it goes.

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