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Best of Michigan...

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What are the best places to ski in Michigan?


I have been to Shanty Creek (both hills), Caberfae, as well as Cannonsburg. I compared Caberfae to an oversized Cannonsburg with a little more investment in to the resort (but skiing wise, it was eh compared to Shanty).


I am planning on going to several other places with the remainder of the season. I want to go to the best places I can. So far I am looking at...


Crystal Mountain next weekend.

Nubs Nob and or Boyne the following weekend.


But really what are the places with the best terrain? I thought Schuss was a blast and I want to hit up areas of that size.

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IMHO Nubs is about the best in the LP.  I enjoy Caberfae, Crystal and Boyne Mtn as well.  I've only been to two spots in the UP but I can recommend them both; Marquette Mtn and Mt. Bohemia.  Bohemia is by far my fave in MI but you've got to hit it when conditions are good as they make no snow and they need a fair amount to open the whole mountain.

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I am thinking of hitting up Crystal next Sunday. Then Nubs the following Sunday.


I still think I might visit Bittersweet when there is a good deal just to say I have skied it. I heard Caberfae / Boyne can be less than impressive. I certainly want to check Boyne's locations out, but I have put them back on the list.


I might go with my parents to the U.P next winter though. They go to Munising and that kind of area. So I am sure they will pass a few hills.

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 I'll echo what BF said about the places in the LP.

I really love Nubs but don't get there more than a time or two during the season.

We have season pass' at Crystal and picked up a discount card for Caberfae, which is practically in our back yard.


When you come up to Crystal or Caberfae, let us know and we'll show you around, as well as give you a proper Bear Social Experience!

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Caberfae had the nice 100 dollar season pass this year for weekends only or weekdays only.

Can't beat that.


Don't forget there are two boynes. Boyne MT, and Boyne Highlands.
I was told highlands was better.


Could always go to Mt Holly....




I think we are goign to Nubs this Friday.
I hope I can go. =(

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I have to add my vote for Nub's, it is still my favorite place to ski in MI even though I've got a pass to caberfae.  Nub's still does the best at managing their snow and unlike most of the other resorts in MI their only business is skiing so they do it well.


I prefer Boyne Highlands over the mtn. but either one is a step up from Caberfae or Schuss.  Crystal is okay, but not worth the extra money for a pass or distance to me over caberfae.


If you want to try a bunch of different ski areas in MI check into the white gold card mentioned elsewhere on here.  For $109 you get a ticket to all the big resorts plus most of the smaller ones. 


I watched for you Sunday at caberfae but didn't recognize you.  What did you think of the conditions?

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I arrived at Caberfae at 9:30 A.M and I was greeted by the Manistee National Forrest. Never in my life have I said those are some nice looking trees. But I did so in my head that morning. Then I reached the little village or resort. The place looked like a little ski town which was a great vibe. Like I have been told there can be waits for lifts at Caberfae but the place wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.


I get up on the double chair and get off, then ride over across the North Peak just to take a look at things. I went down to the chair that takes you up the North peak. Went down the north peak and I was messing around just carving as deep as I can in to the groomed icy hill and ended up transitioning? wrong and fell down, got back up and went down with my tail tucked behind my legs. Went up a few more times and I noticed an incredible amount of weird snow. Which I came to learn is fake. Made my way to the south peak before by 10:15 and I was going down Notch trying to break up some ice on it, but it wasn't happening. South peak has a a couple nice long runs. Ski Patrol was everywhere that day, along with NASTAR which made the area really busy. Ate lunch at R Dubs Pub from probably 12 till 1 while I met up with a friend from work and his buddy. R Dubs Pub is pretty small for the size of the place.


The skiing conditions could have been better, a lot better. But I just learn to love scraping away at the lines in the snow. I don't think I would ever pay full lift ticket price for Caberfae. For $9 though it was alright The hills were groomed, for being 40+ degrees the day before the place was in good enough condition. Although like I said it was icy and Notch was especially rough at the end of its drop because of the conditions. The 4 main runs or so were not terrible though. It was kind of funny skiing through all this fake snow.


The place is a lot more roped off then Schuss. I enjoyed Schuss's runs and terrain more. Schuss actually has jumps and runs like Surprise and Serajevo we're awesome.The blue runs by the Red lift are fun, but short runs. I was really enjoy crawling around Schuss mountain, and being amazed at all the financial investment in to the area.


Are those condos or houses you can rent right on the one green trail over by the yellow lift I think it is?


I went on Super Bowl Sunday to Schuss and the conditions were spectacular which made it an awesome day. It cost only $10, and I didn't use my super lift ticket that I got from buying my gear earlier this year. So I have an extra super lift ticket I have to use before the year ends, cue rest of Feb's skiing locations.


Feb 15th - Crystal Mountain - $42.50 ouch (Might be buying that $109 card)

Feb 22nd - Nubs Nob - $55 (Man that $109 card is looking even less expensive the more I type)

Feb 23rd - Schuss Mountain - staying overnight with family in Bellaire and hitting up Schuss.


I would say Nubs Nob 22nd and Boyne Highlands 23rd, but I have fears that the ski season will not last that much longer, or at least the best ski conditions, and my parents actually are driving me up north to Nubs and / Schuss because we have family they want to visit. So I figure I should let them drive and I can do homework and sleep. So instead of driving 3 hours or so to Schuss from Grand Haven I can just do a 2 day ski trip.


I have secured Mondays off work, and I will be going skiing some Monday's pending my school / homework situations. So I have now Sunday / Monday off every week.


It sounds like I should be trying to hit up Boyne Highlands before the season is over shouldn't I?


I keep reminding myself liftopia.com has Shanty tickets for $17.99 and trying not to value this super lift ticket as a $60 ticket. But I know that to someone who doesn't know, this super lift ticket is worth a chunk of change. So I don't want to waste it.

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Bohemia easily wipes the floor with every other ski area in MI combined. Unless you're looking for nice groomers, Boho wins by an avalanche for best terrain. And almost always for best snow too.

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