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I am warming up to the new site and continue to be optimistic.  The "Classic View" is a big improvement visually.


I have noticed the absence of a couple of features that I really miss:


1)  It used to be possible to collapse individual forums to shorten the length of the screen and decrease clutter if a particular Forum is of no interest to the reader (Snowboarding forum is one example).  Is this possible?


2)  I appreciate the addition of the "Mark All Forums Read" button, but we used to be able to mark not only "all". but also individual forums as read.  This was very convenient if one goes through the areas of interest in an individual Forum, but still has unread material in other forms.  Any possibility of a fix here??


Thanks and keep up the good work.

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RiDeC58, thanks...


1) Is on the development list (no target date, yet)


2) Is possible. When you're looking at the list of forums, clicking on the icon to the left of the forum name will mark the forum read. I have asked for a button to do this, too.

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Thanks Steve.  I appreciate your prompt response.

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