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cliff hopping

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I started hopping off cliffs on my trip out west last week, and was wondering if anyone could give me some hints on the start,the setup, the hop, the landing, and the slowage after the landing.

Thanks bob
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Have a lesson?
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First, move to a place with lots of cliffs. Second, find a huckmaster. Third, buy your new friend a day of lifts, lunch and apr├Ęs ski drinks for a day of huck pointers. Fourth, start trampoline practice at a local gym. Fifth, locate a good orthopedic surgeon, become close friends. Sixth, find work with a really good health, and long and short-term disability plan. Seventh, scope out all the local hospitals and determine which you intend to make your home away from home. Eighth, practice your new huck skills, starting small and working up to larger and larger hucks. Ninth, contact Owens Never Sleeps for your video debut. Tenth, lobby hard once you are in the hospital for a really cute nursing staff.

Oh, and have fun! That pelvis fracture shouldn't take more than a few months to heal! [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]

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Do they give lessons on this?
Well, i can give you a few more pointers, perhaps...
** Make sure you follow the FIS rules. Sounds stupid, but i have to point this out, check out the next point and you'll see:
** Make sure the landing area does not cross a run where skiers or rides come around the corner and you cannot see them coming or hanging around. NOTE: I have seen ski instructor giving lessons to a group of kids underneath a "popular" jump spot where you could not see the landing area from. SCARY, stay away.
** Get a helmet if you don't have one
** The most difficult part i found is to figure out if you have to lean back or forth making sure you don't end up either in the backseat or on the nose. The places i went to, i used to trial-and-error it, propably not the best method, hey anybody out there with determination factors?
** Be able to make a turn on your inside ski, i.e. it will be necessary at some point that you balance out the landing with a turn you execute on your inside ski.
** The obvious: pow does not hurt as much as ice. Yeah, pelvis hitting ice is no good even w/o jumping off cliffs
** Gear: I have no idea. As kids we jumped anything with edges on, and i've never given it a second thought ever since. Perhaps they have some big mountain stuff that is particularly forgiving when landing it
** Enjoy and play it safe
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umm maybe you could elaborate a little on the leaning forward or backward thing, or perhaps someone would like to help. I don't get the turning on the inside ski tho.

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Originally posted by jpfeiffer:
Do they give lessons on this?
I have an instructor who has stated as a goal getting me to jump off one of the local cornices - so I guess in Oz at least the answer is YES
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Contact Eski here or at www.skiclinics.com. That's the home site for the Xteam. I'm not now, nor have I ever been, a cliffjumper, but Eski runs clinics where they will take you as far as you want to go.

Good luck.

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Just find a cliff and jump off of it. Trust me, it will all come together in the air. Repeat until it no longer hurts, now your a cliff jumper!
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