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Bootbag for helmets?

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Does anybody know of a bootbag that will fit a helmet and still be small enough to carry onto a plane?

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There's lots of them, usually a backpack. Boots go in side pockets, helmet, gloves etc go in a middle pouch. Mine is a High Sierra but there are others. Check the Al's Ski Barn site, they had a few different ones last time I looked.

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The High Sierra bags are great but the ones designed for helmets are actually above the 45 inch limit for carry on.  The same is true for the Transpack bags.  Usually I try to stuff enough equipment in my boot bag so I can get a day of skiing in even when my checked luggage is lost.  Thus far, I've forgone the helmet in these situations.

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IMHO Transpack makes the best bootbags that fit helmets.  Depending on your boot size they may even fit under the seat in front of you on the plane!



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