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Rip'n it up

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Some nice old skiing video....not to sure about what they're wearing though






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Now THAT's what I call skiing. Thanks!


(Mmm ... aren't these guys Canadians? Looks like they've got their hockey gear on.)

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Ya thats the Old Montreal Canadians uniform

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That's gotta be photo-shopped.  They couldn't possibly be skiing that terrain on such thin waisted skis

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OWW crg you are a trouble maker!!!

But actually I'm pretty sure when Salina and I in a former life use to Heli ski(when we had money) a wide ski was75-80 mm in about a 205 length (1994 ish ) then they went a bit wider a couple years after that. I don't remeber thinking "man I wish I floated higher in the snow"

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that was great.  when my broken leg heals i'm definitely bringing back the Daffy.......

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That's great that Mike Douglas, the 'Godfather of New School', is in that video. It's funny, but after a decade of the new age of fat freeride skis, that actually looks like really fun skiing. I miss those days, we need to bring back bump skiing and showing off... this 'wannabe mountaineer', hike for turns, is getting boring. With everyone hiking, it's just hiking for bumps anyway, might as well show off under the lift and skip the walking.

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