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Women's high performance boot

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I am trying to get info about high performance women's boots, designed for a size 6(22 shell), and a very flexible ankle.  Presently in a boot with the flex of 80 and I cannot see my toe pieces when I flex!  Please help

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Hi SnowQueen and welcome!


There are boots available by various manufacturers that are stiffer.  You say you have a flexible ankle and if this is true and you have hypermobile dorsiflexion, it presents another issue which needs to be addressed in whatever flex boot you purchase.  A good boot fitter will probably need to increase your net forward lean by dropping the heel (ramp angle) and increasing the forward lean angle by adding spoiler shims and/or using the boot forward lean features if applicable.  This will better match your flexibility needs inside the boot.  He/she will then assess where your knees are over your toes and possible reduce the angle created by your binding stand height differential (delta angle) to pull your knees back a bit so they plumb somewhere close to over your toes when standing in neutral.


My advice is to seek out a good boot fitter who can address your particular needs.

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what Bus said for changes is great.


For what boots:  best to see a good bootfitter, but just about all companies make a 100+ flex in size 22 (under 270mm)

some even make a few shapes, and flexes in that size


noridca makes both the pro shape (98mm) and the WC shape (95mm) in 100, 130, and 150 flexs

Fulltilt makes a 9 flex tongue (130+) and a boot in 268mm

lange has the WC shape(s) in 95ishmm in that size/flex, and the HP (freeride) shape in 98mm and that size


if you local store can't help with fitting or sizes (again LOCAL IS BEST) etc my store has a sale on some of the nordica's and langes in size 3.


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Thank you for the input, I have not only had the boot bed shaved to drop the heel, but I have a toe lift.  Prersently I am using 'eliminators' at the boot tongue, have riveted the boot so it will not flex, and the shaft twill be straighter and I am told i am still too flexy.  I am working with 2 boot fitters at the same shop, who I do trust.  I am just hoping to find a high performance womenh's boot for very small feet that I can use to improved my skiing.


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1)  please work with the bootfitters that you trust.  Do they not have an new option for you to buy that will work?


2)  if you need a high end, small, stiff, boot email me   dave@fitcentre.ca  



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