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My wife started with ski lessons this year, with the same school (Fiorini - a very old family run school at Snoqualmie Pass near Seattle) I had last year. My lessons were fantastic. Her's have been abysmal. Two runs in 2.5 hrs, lots of standing around talking, no specific advice, instructor who just gives up trying to explain anything.

So taking Bob's advice, I went to my old instructor who was around teaching that morning, and just started a conversation and when the topic came up, commented on her experience.

He then taught for 2 hrs, and 15 minutes later, hiked around the area, found my wife and me at lunch, and told her that they never want anybody dissatisfied. The next week she got a free, 2-hr private with the lead trainer for all the instructors, who was fantastic. Ditto for the next 4 weeks (rest of the lesson time).

We complained (nicely), and they responded, and I'll guess that instructor won't be there next year.

I guess that's why Fiorini has been in business since about 1946, and that's what Bob is talking about when he says that the customer bears some responsibility for this, like any other, product.

By the way, Julie Fiorini, who started the school in the 40's, comes to the slopes every day they give lessons, and hangs out chatting with the students and parents. Every day. Quality people all the way.

Me, I've had only 2-3 days this year, what with work and child care so my wife and daughter can take lessons on the weekends. But this Sat, I promise. Because I'm REALLY enjoying skiing now, and every day my speed increases and my stability increases along with it.

Now, if you really want to be humbled, try the other lessons I'm taking. Piano, after 40 years of uninstructed classical playing. My teacher is Julliard-quality concert-type pianist. I prepped a piece by Scriabin and one by Beethoven for a month for him. I hit the FIRST NOTE of the Scriabin, and he said, "no, no, no, no, no. WHAT were you thinking in the five seconds before you hit that note?" Duh, gee, I don't know. Somehow sounds like skiing: what were you thinking five second before initiating that turn? Did you WANT to go there, or did you just want to slow down?

Ah well. And the hot tub isn't nearly so nice after piano...