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Heavenly - Too windy - Where to go next?

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Leaving monday morning to Tahoe... I hear they shut down the lifts if gusts are too high... What should be our back up plan... Squaw, Kirkwood,?





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KT always runs at Squaw.... if you can handle expert terrain, that's the place to be on a storm day.

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^^^^J's got that right if you're a strong sker. for advanced, Nortstar is good in a storm. don't drive Monday if you can help it, get up here NOW in case the hwy jams up.

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When lifts at Heavenly close, head to Sierra at Tahoe.  Homewood on the North shore.  You can catch a bus, or take the 20 minute drive to Sierra pretty easy.


Another plan is just to ski the North Bowl, Stage Coach and Olympic lifts at Heavenly.  Storm days may fill the tree-lines and its the best part of the mountain.

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Thanks guys.... Our first ski day is Tue.... We are advanced but one of our group is a low intermediate....  So we may have to spend much of our time on blue piste... Which I dont mind as my knees are shot right now...


If this front runs thru fast the winds may sit down for us.... I will try your suggestions if they shut down the lifts..


Thanks again.....


BTW - Any suggestions for a good "demo" shop? Not bringing skis on this trip...

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Lifts most subject to closure at Heavenly are Gondola, Sky Express, Boulder, and the Tram if very windy conditions.  Comet and Dipper can go out of service due to visiblity and wind, and the Mott Canyon lift due to avy danger.  I have never seen the whole mountain go down, the problem is, when the summit lifts are closed you can't get from Nevada to California and back.  Also, the Gondola is the most prone to closure, and it is now the most visible lift.  Storm day skiing from the Boulder and Stage Coach areas in Nevada are nearly always open, and have lots of opitons for intermediate and expert skiing. 


Take  a day at Sierra anyway. They have exceptionally friendly intermediate skiing with some good expert runs that enable intermediates and experts to ski their choice of terrrain, and still easily meet at the bottom.

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The trees off the lower Nevada side (Stagecoach, Olympic, and Boulder) are enough tree skiing for a day for an expert skier with lots of hidden stashes (ask a local to show you around or explore (like I did)!).

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