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What's in a Name?

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Anyone know what Volkl means? Where does the name Rossignol come from? Why Volant, Salomon or Elan? And what about Head (yes, please)? No, Head we know about. But if you're in the know on brand-name history, fill us in.

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Volkl and Head are the last names of the founders of each of those companies.  Howard Head revolutionized ski production by introducing the mass produced metal ski to the market.


Not sure about the other ski company names.

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Salomon is was his last name.


"The Ski"..pure and simple


Volant..I guess it sounded good at the time


K2, Tyrolia, Dolomite ..named after the mountain/ranges?



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 Phil I thought you were the ski historian. Isn't K2 the initials of K2's founders? Rossignol another family name.


Volant seems like it must be wind in some latin based language.

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Main Entry:
vo·lant Listen to the pronunciation of volant
Middle French, from Latin volant-, volans, present participle of volare to fly
1 : having the wings extended as if in flight —used of a heraldic bird 2 : flying or capable of flying 3 : quick , nimble
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Dynastar: Starflex + Dynamic.

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All that seems right, Rossignol is surely a family name, history below.


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Thats pretty cool.  Where did you find that btw? 

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