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I have worn my Fischer Race SC 2005s (hand-me-downs from a friend) completely down and am looking for a new pair of skis. I am 5'2, an aggressive female skier, looking for a ski to use in the northeast. Absolutely loved the balance between stiffness and flex on the Fischers,  and am looking to replace them with a comparable ski. Last season, however, I broke my leg (spiral fracture tib/fib) due to a binding malfunction (one pre-released while the other did not), and have found this season that many mountains refuse to touch my Fischer Railflex bindings. Are binding malfunctions typical with the Fischer series, or have I just had bad luck?  I have heard great things about the Blizzard SLR Magnesium skis, and have heard they are comparable to my beloved Fischers,with a binding most mountains are more comfortable dealing with.

If any of you have tried either the Fischer Race SC 2008/09 or the Blizzard SLRs i would love feedback.


- s