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Z10 ti Bindings

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I came across a deal for these at my local ski shop. Can any Bears give the pro and cons of these bindings. Another skier in the store at the time, said that his heal release mech got loose after he clicked in.The shop returned them to salomon and they sent out new ones to replace. The new ones had the same problem. The ski shop swears by them and salomon. Oh and the price was $99 for the bindings.Sounded like a pretty good deal. So can I get some comments, please!

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The plus is that they are super lightweight and have a low stand height.  They would be great for freeride skis.  The minus is that the construction seems a bit fragile to me.  That said, I have a pair of the Z12 Ti bindings on my PEs, and they have taken 2-3 years of abuse with no problems at all.  As long as you're not dropping cliffs or hitting park features all day long, they will probably be OK.  So far they have been great bindings for my usage, which is hard-charging but sane skiing.  AFAIK, the only difference between the 10 and 12 is the spring.

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Thanks, skier219 that helps out, cause my purpose was to use them on some twin tips just purchased a month ago. Any professional opinions from some of the fitters out in Bearland???

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I usually use Sollie 12's set on 8 or 9 for freeride skis. (have used Sollies for years with occasional marker lapses) Had a pair of Bro models set up with Z-10 demo bindings (so the bros could use them)- my tech did it with what he had in the shop. I was skeptical that a 10 wouldn't be enough, but they've held up to all kinds of pretty gnarly skiing on and off piste by good skiers in all conditions. Not for racing or big hucks, but they've been fine. I weigh about 170. That said, I look for 12's mostly.

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