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More Effective Spins

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Sorry I misphrased the title...This is a freestyle trick question for skiing.  As a skier, when I am preparing for a larger spin (i.e 720, 900, 1080)  I start with a 90 degree upperbody rotation coming into the take off in a T set, I start my upper body rotation so that when I'm leaving the lip my whole body is met as one.   I am now spinning,  about 90 degrees into my spin I pull my hands in to get around quicker, and sometimes even my elbows as well.  And everything is going great, except when I'm landing.  I land it, but it seems really sloppy and I am not quite stomping it.  I am in the back seat when I land, and I'm landing on my heals.  Any advice or tips on what to do when i'm landing?  Also note:  this is for flat spin rotations, no grabs, crosses, or variations in the air. 

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video would be great, to help you out.


how big of spins are we talking?

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