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A-Basin Sunday 2-08?

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The guy I was going with tomorrow bailed on me. Anyone interested in meeting up?
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Hi Noodler- Welcome back!!

I may be able to go this coming Sunday, and almost definitely the following SUnday. Let me know. Warning: I am breaking in new boots and will probably be skiing like a klutz. 

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New boots!  Oh no, please don't tell me you've left the Flexon brotherhood.

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Yeah, I know- I feel like I have deserted my cult!


Jeff Bergeron has been trying to convince me to try the Fischer RC4's for about 2 years now, and Robin Barnes (last year's ESA) and Dan Egan (this year's) also thought I should try a different boot. I found a pair really cheap and decided to go for it, or at least give it a try. I don't have them dialed in yet, but Jeff worked on them for a couple of hours last week. I think they may need some canting, but he wants me to try them for another couple of days before grinding the soles. It's not irreversible- the bumblebee Flexons are still in the basement waiting for me.

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