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St Anton 2010 it is then.  The runs down to Stuben are great, not sure if there are any maple trees there though.


Looks like Graham is sorting things out at the Lodge in Norway and although Ruth has taken over the blog she probably doesn't have any time with it being Feb peak holiday time at the moment.



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Originally Posted by epic View Post

Don't crash into trees. I finally got the MRI results for my battle with a maple. Looks like I lost.


the solution is obvious epic, move west---the pines are softer


heal quickly and easy.



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Erik, bummer, I just found out over on the Lost thread. Sending out some positive thoughts to hope you heal enough for your Dev Team exam. Good luck and heed Mark's advice re physical terrorist.

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That's terrible!  Heal up quickly, and take it easy. Don't over-do it: you don't want to be out longer. Even if you lose the majority of the season, it is better than being screwed up all summer long.  At least you are getting around OK and thinking of skiing again this season: many of us had to take a full year off after a break.

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