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leg = broken

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Don't crash into trees. I finally got the MRI results for my battle with a maple. Looks like I lost. Fractured tibial plateau and femoral condyle.I'm not sure what that will mean for me, but I guess I have to stop skiing for a while. The good news is all of my ligaments seem to be intact. This kinda sucks because right now is when I should be making money. I've got a couple of week long private lessons I am going to have to farm out to other instructors. While everyone else is making money I'm gonna be healing.

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Sh!t, heal fast, good that the soft tissue is intact.....always a bright side.

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Sorry to hear, epic.  I hope you heal fast 

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We talked the other night, and it looks like your worst suspicions are indeed true.  Do you have to immobilize or use crutches?  If you don't have to have a cast, you can at least keep muscle tone, which should shorten recover time.  Still, six weeks in the East is into the third week of March.  Best wishes.

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Yeah, that's most of the season and my Dev Team exam is in five weeks, not six. I will be there though. Hopefully it's OK to pump some iron and maybe ride my bike on the trainer or something. They wanted to immobilize me today. I said no. Because how would I get home. Besides, I've been walking on it and it doesn't hurt. Anyway, I think I've dodged the knife, so good news as far as I'm concerned.

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Dude, that so sucks =(  Play it safe and come back strong!

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Epic, terrible news.  The key from here is the healing process.  Sounds like there is a real good prognosis.  Best of luck.



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So sorry epic.  Hang in there.  Time will pass.

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Better a break then ligaments if there is any good news at all on this.


Hang in there and best wishes for a speedy and full recovery.

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FWIW, be really careful about tibial plateau and femoral condyle fractures.  Even though you may have micro/minor/undisplaced fractures (that feel good to walk on), these locations form the platform (or 'subfloor') for your articular cartilage.  There are many cases of post-traumatic arthritis that are likely augmented by avid/early weight bearing with these types of injuries.  IMO, get in the pool and spin on the bike, but avoid weight lifting and excessive weight bearing - and allow things to heal. 

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Yeah, that sounds like something to be avoided. I'm icing on the couch. Looks like I may be here for a while.

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Watch a few good chick flicks, hold yourself, cry, work on your needlepoint... and let nature take its course re. healing .

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 I might start a Playstation3 Wiki.

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Wrap some duct tape around it, you will be fine. 

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I share your pain. I'm starting week 4 of non-skiing due to dislocated shoulder.

If Philpug does bumppheast at Stowe again this year, we should both be recovered and do some turns.



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A dislocated shoulder would stop me from skiing for about three days.



I would however take it very carefully with putting a load on those breaks for at least the 1st three weeks.  It is a critical mating surface and you want everything to knit in the right position.  There's no point in messing things up for a little convenience now, and paying for it big time down the road.

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I dont know about skiing 3 days after a dislocation, I didnt have a complete dislocation (so I can only imagine) but I am still in a lot of pain in certain directions and the thought of falling on this arm again....well lets put it this way..."I give, in I give in...I'll tell you all our defense secrets please no more, no more!"

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Our friend, Tom, shattered his Tibial plateau a couple seasons ago.  He healed fine but it was a long road to recovery.  Take care of this injury, as jdistefa said, or you'll have a really long road to recovery.



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Hey Erik, sorry to hear the diagnosis.  Hope you heal fast!

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This just in.... We will be up at Stowe the first week in March, you have to be better by then. Understood?  

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OK Phil, I'll see what I can do. 

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Originally Posted by Ghost View Post

A dislocated shoulder would stop me from skiing for about three days.




I assume the above is an attempt at humor.

- Who's going to put your boots on?

- If ya can't drive on the meds I was takin, you can ski?

- Next fall on a weak shoulder means surgury. Ask Elton Brand or Jameer Nelson.



Listen to your body!

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No.  Dead serious.  I have had a few shoulder injuries.   I don't ski on my shoulder.  It is very unlikely that I would fall, let alone fall on that shoulder.  I can put my boots on with one hand, done it many times.  Getting them off is a little harder, but still do-able.


I would leave the meds at home and take a double dose before beddy bye time.


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Originally Posted by Living Proof View Post

Listen to your body!

I'm trying not to. My body says it feels fine and I should go skiing. Saw the doctor again today. Non weight bearing for longer than I want. Also, ACL may be injured possible evulsion on the tibia end (I think I may have hurt it on 1994 and been skiing without it though or in a weakened state).

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This all sucks Eric. Good luck, listen to your doctors.

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Sorry to hear that Erik. You and Whiteroom have got to stay clear of those trees. I haven't forgot about getting up there this season, but now I guess I can take my time. It seems that there have been a lot of people getting hurt this year. Let's be careful out there people. But look on the bright side, lets hope worst case senerio means you'll still get a good biking season in.

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Always look on the bright side of life, you are healing far better than Sonny Bono ever did.


A plant jumped up out of the snow and nearly pulled my right leg off last Sat.  Go for an MRI on thursday, at least one of the stringy bits (something like LCL, MCL, ACL, JCB, SOB, POD etc ) that holds the knee togther is torn.  Maybe we could compare high scores on the the Wii station.  Should be skiing St Anton again first week March 09.  I guess best case it's a slightly torn LCL and three weeks to heal isn't going to be enough to ski the powder even if I wear a leg brace and tight ski pants (opinions welcome).


Get well sooner. 


PS  How's the maple tree doing?

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Originally Posted by DB View Post

How's the maple tree doing?


It's fine, but I should send somebody up there with at tap and a bucket. Let it contribute to the healing process.


Let's plan on St Anton 2010. I still need to do that run from the Flexepass down to Stuben. For whatever reason that run excites me more than any other that I know of.


btw - thanks for the link to Graham's blog. Good way to live vicariously.

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major bummer Epic,


Heal well. My wife had that injury. Unfortunatly she required surgery to repair hers. (large displacement)


Stay off it and let it heal..



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Vibes your way.   +++++++++++++

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