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Mountain Conditions / Hill Conditions - Questions

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In Michigan we have highs in the upper 40's today and even hitting 50 degrees in some areas, with isolated areas of rain. The wind chill is bringing the temps down supposedly in to the mid 30's here in the afternoon right now at Caberfae. Tonight the temps are supposed to get below freezing and half an inch of snow is possible for tonight.


Caberfae says the hills are not icy and that people are saying its a great day to be out skiing. But I am wondering if this is just a line to get me to come this Sunday where the weather will be a high of 34 degrees. I would hate to travel 2 hours just to find really poor skiing conditions. Last time at Shanty Creek one side of the mountain with oncoming winds was really getting less than ideal snow conditions.


That chunky / clumpy snow and icy conditions kind of stuff.....with temperatures like this today, would you expect the mountain to be less than ideal tomorrow at Caberfae?


The resort replies with "Well we have 64" of base, and we groom daily, no one is reporting anything about ice, etc"


Could you guys care to give me the run down on ski conditions and what I might be looking at tomorrow with these kinds of temperatures today?


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I'm kicking myself for not heading up to caberfae today.  This will be the better day of the weekend since the predicted rain and drizzle never materialized.  Hopefully TC will chime in later tonight and confirm for sure that the rain and drizzle never happened since she is nearby.


As far as tomorrow it will be crusty in the morning, after lunch it should start to soften up a bit depending on how much sun there is.


Caberfae is not known for there snow management so conditions are more weather dependent than at a place like nub's.  Last Sunday and most of the time at Caberfae there are icy spots where the snow all gets scraped off the base.  Its skiing in Michigan, we either learn to enjoy it or stay home.


Unless I hear different from TC about the weather I plan on being at Caberfae by 10:30 or so, but I'm just over an hour away and I've got a season pass thats already well used so if the conditions don't improve after noon or so we'll call it an early day and head home.


If you come up, say hi.  I've got epic stickers on my helmet.  Will either be skiing on RX8's or my bros after lunch.




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A buddy from work is going up tomorrow with me. I will be there right at 9 A.M and heading home probably around 4:30ish to do homework, or I would be staying later.





Wear a brown coat, black pants. Elan skis.



I will look for epicski stickers and say hi if I see anyone.

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