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Jackson Hole

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 Ok i might have a chance to go to Jackson sometime in March . I have never been there before . I ski mostly  vail and breck . My question is were do blue collar skiers stay .  I don't like to spend to much on hotels but dont want a dirt bag room either . Super 8 hotel quality is just fine. i want to go from a Thursday to sunday deal. My wife will be going with me (does not  ski) i need to know if there is  shops close by or  at the resort it self. I thought about staying in town but not sure how to get around .  Do i need to rent a car to get back and forth to the resort from town if i stay in town and how far is it to Jackson hole resort from town . Thanks for the help in advance.

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Lots of reasonably priced motels in town. I have stayed at the 49'er several times. Easy to walk around town and there is frequent and convenient bus service to the mountain so no car necessary.

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If the search function gets back to normal, give it a try - lots of good information on this topic.

I've always had great luck booking through jackson hole central reservations.   The 49er or the Antler are both in town and walking distance to all the shops/restaurants/bars of downtown.  I stayed at the Antler a few weeks ago and it was super cheap.  


The shuttle from the airport to town is convenient and cheap, and there is a free bus that runs from those 2 hotels to the ski area.    Plus the START bus that runs through town would be free for your wife to ride.  

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Make sure you reserve a ski day at Grand Targhee.   

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Thanks for all the help,  i did see the 49er on line i think i will grab that hotel . It make me feel better knowing other bears have stayed there.  Thanks again.

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49'er is a good choice.  We just came back and stayed right behind it at the Cowboy Village.  For the cost it's tough to pass up.  Excellent location to walk anywhere in town, ski shuttle to/from the Village, clean cabins, basic but good.  Kitchenettes to keep beer cold as well as make some coffee & breakfast each morning.  Decks to hang out on those sunny afternoons and enjoy some apres beers.


Can't beat the location of Cowboy, 49'er both owned by the same company by the way.  After being there, I would never want to stay in the Village, far more restaurants and bars in Jackson to choose from and you have to have something to do when the mtn closes at 4.

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One other thing.  There is a locker room under Bridger Center (Gondola).  $15 a day for a nice, heated locker room, lockers large enough for 2, boot driers, benches, etc.  Totally worth it to leave your stuff there rather than hoofing the bus in boots and carrying skis, poles, pack, etc.  You can call JH in advance and reserve a locker for as long as you need it.

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