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Spoiler Val D'isere

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Bode in the fog. What can I say?

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Walchhofer had two trys to beat him.

What can I say?

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It was a complete farce when the clouds came in. Sometimes you just have to laugh, this was one of those occassions (I think).


The visibility and other conditions you race in is luck of the draw I'm afraid. The only time someone should be stopped from going is if it gets dangerous - it is not (in my opinion) up to a race official to decide who has favourable conditions and who has unfavourable conditions. It was no worse when Walchofer went down than when Bode went down - why radio up to hold them? Surely that unfairly disadvantages some racers? The cloud disadvantages some over others, but that's fair (sort of).

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Yeah, a few guys got really screwed by the clouds, and Bode was one of them. Defago went down in perfect conditions and had the race won until he made an error. One error also cost Cuche the top spot on the podium. Ski racing's a crapshoot.

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Paridis had the race won until he made an error too, just one little bump in the wrong place.

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Anybody check out the men's Super-G?  How bout the Ted Ligety yard sale? It actually looked to me like he might have clipped an ice boulder right before he lost the first ski.  That course was East Coast hardpack at it's finest.

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Thanks Ghost.  I see it was just a puff of dust and not a chunk of crud.  Maybe he should have read the self arrest threads.  Sometimes it's best not to fight it and just go with the flow to avoid injury like he did here

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That SG was the Ggggnarliest thing I've ever seen !



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Looked like he wasn't solidly on that outside ski ready to power through for (quite)  a bit before the crash.  Tried to recover with the inside, thought better of it, but too late.  Gotta be solid at speed in the rough, be tentative and you will get thrown.


Not that I have anything to teach Ligety, just say'n.

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Watching the men's combined right now. Course looks faster than it did for the DH.

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Pretty sick run by Lizeroux...


Looked like a gnarly slalom course too.

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