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Ott - where was the run you describe. I just got back from the Arlberg on Sunday. We had AWESOME conditions. It snowed the whole week before we got there, and was bluebird everyday except Sunday while the storm petered out. We bought avie gear and went way off-piste. Definiteley had a run or two that were hop-turn only. Hoefully I will be able to post video after I learn how to edit it.
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Epic, glad you had great snow...it's a blast over there, isn't it?


I don't know if the map will reproduce here but starting out from the Valluga Grat, if instead of heading for the Schindler Spitze where you are supposed to go, you instead peel off to the right and ski under where the gondola goes you have this narrow place between the rocks...

As more snow falls during the season it fills up more and gets wider, but not by very much. I'm looking forward to your video.

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Can you see that from the Schindler lift? I think we were admiring it, but it was so warm that it was all sliding right down to the dirt.

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I don't know if you can see it from there, but it is right below the Valluga Grat station at the top of Valluga #1 tram, you start out on trail 13 and when you see the tram between the rocks, hang a right.

I was just trying to take a shortcut to trail 14 (which used to be 13) to Ulmer Huette and 17 and 1 to Stuben, normally a easy run but long with a vertical of over 4100 feet.

Did you ski Zuers and Lech also?

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We only skiied St Anton one day, the rest (11 days) were at Lech and Zurs. I think we skiied every piste and route on the map except Zuppert which was closed, but the snowboarders kept poaching it anyway (really wanted to ski that one). Also, the Scwarze Wand, Orglescharte, Zugerhorn, Flexenmulde, Grosser Stierloch, Wiessle, and others I can't remember right now (or dont know the names for) that are off the map. Tried to ski from Trittkopf to Stuben over the Flexenpass, but messed up on the route finding and didn't make it. Still a highlight of the trip though.
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Epic, if you were contemplating skiing Zuppert you must be some kind of skier, where did a North Carolina boy learn all that? [img]smile.gif[/img]

Zuppert is one of the meanest runs in Lech and is not recommended without a guide who knows where the rocks are...and the lift from Zug just services that run and the Liezen, how did you get from Zug back to Lech?

To breach that rocky spine between the Zuers side and the St. Anton side is more work than it is worth, there is just a short place where you can cross over and it takes a very high and long traverse from halfway down the Trittkopf lift. If you don't stay high enough you find yourself too low to cross over but you have to ski down the Ochsenboden which is also very steep but wide open.

Well, my season is over, maybe next year I'll go over again.

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Well, from the Zug lift you could also ski over to the Kriegerhorn and then down from there, or straight down to the Steinmahder bahn and then down. We skiied Liezen all day Monday working our way farther left as we tracked it out. It was probably the best powder skiing I've ever had. Knee to Waist deep most of the time. We would then zip down the Zuger Tobel and hit it again. We have some decent footage of that (I think), can't wait to get it back. My wife is riding horses at the Cadre Noir right now, and brought the camera with her, so I have not been able to see the footage on a real TV yet, or been able to try and download/edit it yet. This will be my first try with that.

On the run to Stuben, we made the high and long traverse and then skiied a chute and a wider face down to a huge bowl above the tunnel. There was a really long and not quite so high traverse from there, but we couldn't quite see where it went. It was warming up, and my wife and one of my friends semmed a little tired. My other friend and I decided not to risk it because:
a) the traverse could have led into a trap
b) we were afraid Bonnie (or to a lesser degree, Josh) might have frozen up if we got to a really steep part with no alternative route
c) Bonnie and Josh looked tired, and we didn't want to be stuck out there with things warming up and starting to slide.

The day before Graham and Josh took the day off and Bonnie and I skiied the Mugan Grat all day. It was so warm that from the North it looked like there were clouds coming over the ridge, but from the South side in the Zurser Tali, you could see that it was steam rising from where the snowpack and the rock ridge met. The Zurser Tali was full of avi debris the next morning. The North side of the Mugen Grat and the Hassenfluh were still holding powder 6 sunny warm days after the storm. That's when Bonnie finally got it and started to like powder (after a terrifying experience on a short "test slope" the day before near the Steinmahder Bahn). I was not able to get her to close up her stance in the powder at all, and that hurt her, but she still had fun.

BTW: I've actually never skiied in NC, I'm a transplanted Connecticut Yankee who spent every weekend in HS and College in Vermont.

We also had a weeks worth of lessons from the Lech Ski School the first week we were there. It really helped Bonnie a lot. Some of what he taught seemed really weird to me, and antithetical to what I have been working on, but I got some valuable tips out of him too.

P.S. - my season is officially over now too. Last night I started to put away my gear for the year, and broke out the paintball guns. I'm flying to Ohio for a competition tonight!
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Nice link Ryan. Too bad the pictures are so low quality. I could still hear Blizzrd of Aaahhs music when I read that though. "I need some money!" At some point between phase 3 and 4 is the uphill skis outside edge engaged?
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