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Utah in March? Conditions?

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So I'm thinking of making a trek out to Utah. My best friend moved out to Park City and is working at one of the Restaurants at Park City.


Free room, I'm there.


Main question is conditions. I have never been to Utah, nor been out west in quite some time; I really don't know when the conditions start to dwindle. I plan on going the week of the 15th in March.


I'm curious about what kinda conditions I should expect. Is there usually some pow falling that time of year, or would a good powder day be rare?





Also, looking for any information on places to rent skis. I've decided that buying a pair right now is not the smartest idea, plus i'd like to get some slope time on some different sizes. Really want to try out some Nordica Hellcats... where, and how much :)



Edit: Also, any close resorts near by I should try and hit up? Never been to Utah so I'm pretty dense on locations :)



Thanks guys!

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March is the snowiest month in the Cottonwood Canyons. (Alta, Snowbird, Brighton and Solitude)


Coverage is usually great, not as busy. 


Park City side is lower elevation, but you could still get plenty of powder days there too in March.




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Good. Buddy e-mailed me today and said they just got a fresh load of pow  now i just need to figure out my equipment situation 




Edit: How good of a mountain is PC? 

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It's nice but I personally prefer CottonWood Canyons.  There's no lines at all (at least when I was there)   Also the lift ticket prices aren't quite as high as PC from what I remember. 

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Expect anything at PC that time of year. Coverage will be great regardless. Could be pow could be slush. Could be rock hard. 

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I was there the same week last year. Had a couple of powder days, one at Solitude and one at Alta. Alta/Snowbird are higher and less likely to be slushy than PCMR.


Do not forget the sunscreen, seriously. And remember that Carmex does not contain sunscreen. I made this mistake once and I will never make it again. Sunburned lips turn to raw lips which turn to crusty lips. Nasty.



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Was there second week of March last year, descent conditions, warm one day and started to slush, then two days later some pow/snow fall.


Will be there 3rd week of March, hope it's good.

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Anyone have advice on where to rent when I'm out there? Looking to Demo some Nordica Hellcats. 

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Snow will be fine then.  I've had my best powder days later than that, but I've also hit some warm spells.  But you will be good.  Park City is a great mountain that is full of variety.  miles of blue cruisers, bumps, trees, and open bowls.  cool place.


I would recommend Jans or Utah Ski and Golf in the Park City area for rentals.  Both have a good demo selection and are top-notch.

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Good Coverage right now but no new snow for about a week.  Skied PowMow yesterday and found a few good shots but generally hard and fast.  Nothing on the horizon for the next week or so.  But we usually do well in March!

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Yea my trip is for sure a go now :) will be in PC around the 15th or 16th. Want to try and get to snowbird as well if at all possible 



Now trying to find a pair of skis is becoming a REAL pain! 


Not sure if HellCats in a 178 will be okay for me.. perhaps another thread....

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Definately try to make it over to Snowbird.   My buddy and I were there for a week in mid February, and it was epic.    It's an awesome mountain, and if you like steep stuff, you'll like it a fair bit better than PC.  


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