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Trip to Alta from Park City

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Hi everyone,

I have a specific question swith regards to getting to Alta from Park City

Willl be staying near the Canyons resort in the first week of March

We are planning a trip to Alta for the day, but I am hesistant of the drive up there since I heard the road may get closed , snowed in ( need chains etc)

Did some research about possibly getting transport to and from Alta (eg bus with lift ticket included) but came up with noting and the transport up to Alta by private transport companies is very prohibitive (almost 40 $ per person)( we are about 9 people)

Does anyon ehave any info that may lead me to the right option

Thanks a million in advance .

Jimmy (out in the northeast)

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 Rent a car from Enterprise in Park City for the day.  The drive takes about an hour.  The road up Little Cottonwood Canyon can get bad, but more often than not, it is fine. If you are lucky enough to have enough fresh snow for the road to present a problem, park at the bottom of the canyon and take the bus.  Just realize that after one day at Alta, you want want to go back!


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Thank you

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