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what is the best ski movie ever created?

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I haven't seen to much ski movies myself but i want to see what you guys think the best ski video is.


you can see some ski movie previews on my site



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if you haven't seen blizzard of ahhh's, that's where you need to start.


my other favorite is 1999.

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ive heard of that from the movie steep

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Greg Stump's Groove:  Requiem in the Key of Ski


While it's a smidge heavy on political commentary, it contains some of the greatest sequences I've ever seen -- Scot Schmidt & a snowboarder heli-skiing together in Alaska to Seal (first album), Laird Hamilton windsurfing to Iggy Pop, plus Chamonix, Val Gardena,  Montana, surfing, proto-boardercross, one of the first extreme skiing championships with the late, great Doug Coombs, and a go-go dancing closing credit sequence... 


I literally wore out my VHS of it.  Absolutely great stuff.  A must-see.



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seal.... yes!!!


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I have to vote for Steep.  After I saw it, I watched Blizzard of Aahhs, but I still think Steep is better.



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 Ummm.....everything by Stump.  Blizzard is probably the best but a close second is Fistful of Moguls.  I also love Sno What? with Plake and Hattrup. 

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Blizzard, plain and simple.  Changed the face of American ski movies and American skiing in general. 

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Cool to see that lots of people like Blizzard Of AAHHHHH's.


My Favorite is, well, Blizzard Of AAHHHHh's!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Is that the movie that shows 4 professional women, or chicks skiing down a nice intermediate ridgeline and then the 4 of them, all together, take a high speed sharp right and drop into a gorgeous double black bowl. Waist deep in powder. One of the women is Julie Parisien.I love that shot though I think that was in a Warren Miller movie??


I don't think Blizzard of AAHHH's is a Warren movie, is it?

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it's basically the reason i moved to squaw...


 "the cliffs of squaw..."


have i actually hucked any of them?  no, but that's beside the point.

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Fire and Ice.

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I've gotta say Blizzard of Ahhhh's also, but...


My favorite scene/line from any movie is from Stump's earlier work, 'Time Waits for Snowman':


"Dr. Delam, the voodoo dolls are ready."


"good, put them in the microwave."


pretty funny.


He's been working on 'Return to Ahhhh's' for a few years, hopefully it'll come out for next season.

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I like Steep the best, because it seems the most real.  Blizzard of Ahhhs did have a huge effect on me and my friends in PA and had something to do with me moving out to JH.  I do like Stumps work.  I liked the first couple of TGR movies, but am mostly over them now.  I still try and go to the preimiers every fall for the scene before the snow flys.  I also like the local films from Stormshow?  because they are honest.  No helis... all hiked for lines in the Tetons, mostly by dedicated dirtbag local skiers.  It proves that anyone can go and get some if they want it bad enough.

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Ah, so Blizzard is by my fellow Mainer......Greg Stump. Cool.

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Head For The Hills... lots of sweet footage, and its all east coast to boot!


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TGR  Further, first time Nobis is seen straightlining an Alaska steep, the whole movie is good and has a good soundtrack...as in no RAP!!!

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I like the Warren Miller stuff from 1990 to 1995

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He's been working on 'Return to Ahhhh's' for a few years, hopefully it'll come out for next season.


That's excellent!  I've realy been missing his stuff -- he just sort of dropped off the planet...  Although with "homes in Jackson, Whistler, and Maui" per his website, that would be hard not to do...  Speaking of his site, there is a banner proclaiming "Legend of Aahhhs:  A True Story coming to a theater near you

..." That would be cool!


In the mean time, sounds like "Steep" is a must see -- and it's available on Netflix!

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Hotdog is a good one. sick skiing and nudity . Steep is another great one

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I'm the odd fellow out.  I have never figured out the attraction of ski movies.  Most seem to be pretty immature, and also I like my skiing soundless (except for the natural sounds of the skis on snow).  Never understood the reason for the musical soundtracks at all.  (It is beyond me why anyone would take an iPod on the slopes ever.)


But I have to admit, Steep is in a different category altogether, it blew me away.  I think it was because of the attempts at weaving the film together with rather interesting historical content, emotional content and dialogue.


After seeing Steep I did go back and sit through all the old classics to see if I was missing something, but I'm afraid to say I'm still missing whatever it is.


If somebody ever makes a five hour long silent movie with subtitles called The Complete History of Extreme Skiing, however, I'll be the first in line!


In the mean time I'll go and sit through the original Wizard of Oz for the umpteenth time instead.

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Originally Posted by JTripodi View Post

It is beyond me why anyone would take an iPod on the slopes ever...


wow, you have quite an imagination...


maybe it's not for you, but it shouldn't be too hard to understand that people could possibly enjoy music while skiing. 


maybe you're just too mature.... (that must suck)


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ski shops mostly have the most current stuff. any other good sources of ski films? especially older ones?

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I am suprised that no one has mentioned Stump's 'License to Thrill'.  I think that this movie was the first real ski porn movie out there, Schmidt, Plake, and Hattrup skiing at Squaw, Jackson, and Whistler/Blackcomb.  Scot Schmidt has recently hit out against 'Steep' saying that it was made for the sponsors and not for skiers.  I mean if one is going to be talking about new extreme skiing, should't Schmidt be one of the first people to talk about it.  He redefined the sport along with Tom Day, Glen Plake, Mike Hattrup, and Tom Junst.  I will not say that skiing wouldn't be where it is today, but those bunch of guys out of Lake Tahoe in the early 1980's did turn the sport on its head.  Recently Seven Sunny Days by MSP was really good as well as 1999.

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you can get 1999 and Walls of Freedom (Squaw classics) here:




there are a couple links at the bottom of the page where you can buy the DVDs, the book, or both.  Scott is currently off the hill and out of work with a blown knee... so everyone should buy a copy!


here's a link i found for a greg stump 4-pack (including Blizzard and License)


Greg Stump 4-pack


edit:  I'm watching them all tonight!!!



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Best ski movie ever? That's a no brainer for most soul skiers over 25 yrs old.


BLIZZARD OF AHHHS!!!! ... or anything else from Greg Stump actually!

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One of the early "ski flicks" was called "The Ultimate Thrill", circa 1975....


Britt Ecklund was the star and there were a couple of guys who could kind of ski... The plot was pure 70's, but with Britt, it was a hit... Oh ya- the skiing was OK, but not a lot of it...


But who cared? Britt Ecklund was in the movie!

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What noone suggested Aspen Extreme! Kidding I'm just kidding.


Steep, hands down. Even the trailer was great.

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I can't believe nobody has mentioned anything from Dick Barrymore. The Last of the Ski Bums is classic! I'd also throw Sinners by Bill Heath in there too. 

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Originally Posted by NYSkier55 View Post

What noone suggested Aspen Extreme! Kidding I'm just kidding.


Steep, hands down. Even the trailer was great.


Aspen Extreme brings me back. I still watch it every now and then...

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I would go with Hot Dog, Blizzard of AHHHH's and Steep.  Blizzard not so much because of the film itself, although it is very, very good for the times but because of the influence it had over the sport.  I like Steep because of its documentary style, awesome videography, and its 'real' feel and content.


As for Hot Dog, at least there is a story line (corny as it is) to go along with the high quality skiing scenes.  That and a number of my friends were stunt skiers in it which makes it more fun and interesting.


Kind of a side story:  I hadn't been to a ski film since the early eighties since they all seemed to be more of the same so never saw Blizzard or any of the newer flicks.  Then in about 2001 or 2002, I was on my first heliski filming trip.  The friend who put it together was excited to tell me that an old friend of his, Mike Hattrup, was going with us.  I didn't know who he was.  So, we go, Mike rides back home with me, spends the night at my house, and I took him to the airport the next day.  As I'm dropping him off, I tell him that I'll now have to go out and get a copy of Blizzard.  He just smirked and kind of laughed.  Anyway, I did get the VHS tape and have also bought the four-pack of Stumpy's films, along with Time Waits for Snowman which my buddy was in.  So, even though it was 12 or 13 years late, I now have a great appreciation for those movies and watch them a lot, including last night's viewing of Steep again (it was a toss up between that and Blizzard for the umpteenth time).  I obviously spent too much time working over all those in between years.

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