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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by nakona:
On the other hand, I've never been robbed/mugged by someone looking to support his cigarette habit.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

In the UK, we have a National Health Service. Part of our taxes goes towards paying for hospital treatment for everyone. Many of the long term illnesses in the UK are smoking related, and part of my money is being taken from me to support people's smoking habits and the after effects.
The Government is robbing me to pay for the treatment of the illnesses caused by cigarettes at the same time they are raking in money from the taxes they make on the sale of them.


But that's just me and my right wing opinions summarised as: "if you choose to make yourself sick why should I have to pay for it?"

I shall await the flames!

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Mmm, Fox. Tricky one. Perhaps not as black and white as you paint it...

Would you extend your principle to people who drive too fast, lose it and leave a mess in their wake?

What about drink drivers? Leave them to bleed to death, perhaps?

Or then there's those folk who waste hours of A&E time (and our dosh) after throwing down the pints and picking a Friday night fight.

And talking of that branch of excess, how about those skiers - highlighted just today in another thread - who consume alcohol way better than they ski and wreak havoc on their way down from the top station bar?

It's really easy to take a pop at smokers, and not without some justification, but where do you draw the line?

Unless you want to see the back of the NHS altogether, and do I hope you don't!
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Uh oh . . . and if I don't have any? Can I pray to *you* for understanding? I've got more evidence that you exist. What can you do for me?
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Back to the original question. Instructors should not smoke in front of classes. Instructor sitting on the sunny deck enjoying a beer at the end of the day, puff away, however you might want to leave your instructors coat in the locker room.

So I had moved to Breakenridge and already had a job lined up with the ski school. One of the cool things was across the hall, directly across the hall from the locker room was a bar. The 9,600' Club. My first day I walked in and it was one of the smokiest bars I had ever encountered. This bar was basically the Instructors hang out, and I could not believe that everyone was smoking. But hey, I took it in stride. Thier life, their business. If the smoke would have bothered me too much I would have not gone to that bar. There were things in my control such as not going to that bar. Out of my control was that the bar allowed smoking and people smoked. Since this was out of my control I have no business letting it bother me.

Things in life may irritate you, but if you let those things you have no control over upset you, than you have to look within yourself to correct your flaws and not the flaws of others.
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