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Smoking and teaching, quick poll

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How many of you smoke?
How many of you smoke in front of skischool building?
How many of you smoke in front of your students?
Is it ok to take a stiff one while teaching kids how to plow?

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Smoking in uniform at all is an offense they can fire you for at most U.S. resorts, though of course one is likely to get a warning first. However if an instructor was to smoke in front of students while in a class? There is a good chance they would be at least suspended immediately.

I agree with this policy.
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Pritty tuff rules in the US! We are more liberal but Austria for instance is way behind and out of line. However, I agree with you 100%.

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Seeing an instructor smoke is a complete turnoff to a student. Skiing is supposed to represent a healthy outdoor lifestyle! I don't leave the city to have tar and nicotene blown in my face! :
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Not an instuctor, but if during a lesson they would lite up I would think they were extremly unprofessional. Would cloud the whole lesson, so to speak
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Totally unacceptable.
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Not an instructor but.. Our rules say no smoking in mountain uniforms period.

They also say no eating, drinking, chewing, don't want you in the lodge between 11:30 and 1:00.... So things do get ignored
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If I saw an instructor smoking, I would lodge a complaint with the ski school and ski area . . . as if I haven't already vented enough bile on the subject of smoking. If I had my 'druthers, I'druther ban smoking completely at all ski areas [of course I'd also ban it on the remainder of the planet as well].
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I'm with you Oboe, I saw a young pregnant women smoking today outside a store - when I was with my little girl - and had to restrain myself from laying into her! If they want to kill themselves, fine - but its not cool to subject an unborn child to that crap! Especially if they are getting any public help with their healthcare. I think that smokers should simply not get public healthcare assistance.
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Phillip Morris, makers of Marlboro, hosts guests who have won a contest to visit their guest ranch and enjoy a day of skiing at Bridger Bowl, a day of snowmobiling in Yellowstone Park, and other assorted winter fun activities before returning to their non snow country homes. Many are from the south. Instructors enjoy the assignment, even if they are smokers. I would say the program has increased their tolerance for smokers. PM gives the guests little plastic ashtrays for their smokes to reduce litter.

The ski area is making lots of money, the instructors are working a full day on the days the guests are at the ski area, and a lot of city people from the land of brown grass are getting a taste of winter recreation.

I bring it up to introduce a slight twist on the topic. Smokers are people too, you know.
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Yes - they are people. Heroin addicts are people too. What is actually the difference?
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I remember an Eastern examiner who came out west when we did examiner exchanges and everyone was quite astounded that he a) smoked and b) the quantity that he smoked. It was clear he was an addict, but man, he could really ski well!

We used to have a group of young instructors in the school who would smoke out on the ski school steps during their free time. We don't seem to have any smokers on staff any more.

Anyway, I saw one of the instructors of the Marlboro contest winners yesterday. He waved goodbye to his student and said, "We had a great day, skied the whole mountain. He's quitting on Monday."
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Smoking sucks [I mean, literally, isn't that what it is?! I mean, if sucking is what you gotta do . . . how 'bout the healthier kinds?] Really, it's just dangerous to throw into my face anything positive about it - if it were my mountain, I kick the bastards off it. And just what IS the difference between the pushers of tobacco and the pushers of heroin??????? [sorry, nolo, you hit my funny bone, and it isn't funny]
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Just stating the facts, Oboe. Noting the trends. Not making judgments.

How do you feel about overweight people? They too are said to be addicted. Obesity is now edging out heart disease as the #1 health problem in the U.S. I understand our nation spends more of its GNP on weight control than it does on public education.

True, overweight people do not pollute the common air, but they are also are a drag on society.

I don't like smoking either, Oboe, but I have friends who smoke and I don't condemn them. I encourage them to quit.
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>>How many of you smoke?
How many of you smoke in front of skischool building?
How many of you smoke in front of your students?
Is it ok to take a stiff one while teaching kids how to plow? <<
1. No, use to though.

2. No, never did that.

3. Can't say I never did that. Back a long time ago, it was acceptable because there was a lot of people smoking. If the person didn't smoke, then I wouldn't light up. But if the person pulled out a smoke on the chair and offered me one, on the most part I would take it. But again, that was a long long time ago. I have since quit. But I have to say, some of you guys are pretty hard on smokers. They have right too. Being a non smoker now I'm not hard on smokers unless they are disrespectful of my space and other non smokers.

4. Absolutely not!

We are not allowed to smoke in uniform anymore.

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nolo, as always, your points are well made. It is the act of smoking I comdemn, and I condemn it even though I also have friends who smoke. The questions have to do with imposing the stench of it and the hazzards of it on others. Let individuals do as they will with themselves - my interest in the subject begins when they impose it on me and mine without our consent. I would not ban it from being done by those who choose to do it, I would however ban it from being done by those who do not avoid doing it on me. There is no sympathy in my heart for drug or alcohol users whose using is imposed, one way or the other, on me or other non-consenting persons, such as the victims of drunk drivers and drug addicts whose use leads to stealing and killing. Maybe I better leave this subject alone for awhile - it does no good for my disposition, I just . . . oh, never mind. over and out
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I understand. It is frustrating to live among imperfect neighbors.

That's what the people who live next door say, anyway.

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Back when I was 22ish, I had to choose:
a)stop smoking, stay moderately fit,
and continue enjoying skiing.
b)carry on smoking, and then not being
fit enough to ski.
My choice was, quit smoking, of course.
As far as instructors here, I do not remember seeing one smoking in front of us
(when I was a kid) nor as an adult, during a lesson. Another story is during off-hours...
Still, I cringe when I see someone, anyone smoking while skiing...

P.S. of course, I'm not an instructor!
But I do have children, so...no smoking allowed near them.

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A bit lame don't you think? Somkers are people. herion addicts are people. What's the difference? Ever looked at the related crimes attachted to herion? Some non-smokers are really holier than thou! The worst are reformed smokers.
There have been documented proofs of horendous lies on both sides of the smoking fence.
Outside I can smoke where I want, but... even though the second hand smoke theory has never been proven, I believe that if one does not want to smell ssmoke, they shouldn't have to! I do what I can to move away from areas of non-smokers in respect to them. When teaching I and others go behind our break shack. This is our designated area. I wouldn't even dream of smoking during class. Yes. Unprofessional. BTW- where do I put the butts? In my pocket! I throw them away in the trash, later.
Bottom line- I do what I can to respect the rights of non-smokers.

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I would not want the instructor to smoke on the lift with me. That is just common sense, like not hitting people with the safety bar when you put it down. But if he/she used the lunch break to go outside the lodge/school for a quick smoke I would not have a problem with it. I will take great instructor/smoker over incompetent non-smoker any day.

Just my two cents.

PS: Re: Banning. There are people who would like to ban skiers from the mountains all together so don't forget about that when advocating banning smokers from the areas. Let's learn to co-exist and respect the environment and each other.
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Offensively bad form!
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We were understaffed the other day and so I cancled my afternoon clinic and took out a private, which I was looking forward too - always a nice change of pace. The lady whom I was taking out was puffing away as I approached, no big deal - I just stand off a bit to stay out of the cloud. Then, after we chatted and were ready to skate to a lift . . . she just tossed her cigarette out onto the snow! Right in front of me, and all the instructors and clients, on the clean white snow! I didn't say anything, but I did skate over, mash the tip out in the snow - and put it in my pocket.

I never mentioned it, and continued to be very friendly and in good humor with her. But she became fairly rude for the rest of our time together - obviously offended that I had done that in front of her. Well, I always do anything I can for the customer - but in this case the customer is clearly way out of line, and let me just vent here and say screw her and everybody like her!

There, thanks - I feel better! :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by tdk6:
How many of you smoke?
How many of you smoke in front of skischool building?
How many of you smoke in front of your students?
Is it ok to take a stiff one while teaching kids how to plow?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
Skiing is supposed to represent a healthy outdoor lifestyle!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

It is?
Gee, I thought it was just supposed to be fun.


<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Todd M.:
Yes - they are people. Heroin addicts are people too. What is actually the difference?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Well, lets see...
Heroin is a Schedule I narcotic, is illegal to use even for medicinal purposes, can get you major prison time if you got caught with it and completely destroys not just a persons body but their soul.

On the other hand, I've never been robbed/mugged by someone looking to support his cigarette habit.

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Todd M. Good for you with that lady who tossed her cig on the ground. I would have done the same thing, and I smoke! Mine go in my pocket if there's no ashtry or garbage can around. I figure- I can wash my clothes but I can't wahs the environment. She can be cranky all she wants to. She did wrong. She knows it and can't say anthing about it.
If that situation reoccurs, do it again, and again. Whether it's a cig butt or a candy wrapper or whatever, we don't need pig pens on the slope! :
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Definately Heroin is worse for you - however I was thinking of the point of addiction itself.

Smoking certainly destroys ones body too, though much more slowly. Though again clearly not a powerful and fast as heroin, they have found that nicotine has deleterious effects on the mind too. But their "soul"? Do you happen to have a good definition of that? : Haven't seen any medical studies concerning that. Though I'd be open to considering that drugs (including alcohol) can be just as scrambling to a 'soul' as say, watching lots of TV!
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Heroin is like touching God!
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by zeek:
Heroin is like touching God!<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Zeek - I think it's time you changed your gods!

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Todd -

I'm not sure that you'll find this a satisfactory answer, but you should take a moment to thank whatever God(s) you pray to that you didn't understand what I was talking about.
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