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Leg Pain at the Cuff

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I have been having a lot of trouble with my boots this season.  My current gripe is that my right leg feels like it has been beaten up after a few hours of skiing.  The pain is around where the top of the cuff to a few inches down my leg from there (bottom of the wide part of my calf where the leg starts to straighten).  The discomfort is tolerable while skiing, although it is probably just because I am preoccupied.  However, when I go to walk in my boots, each steps feels worse and when I take my boots off, I can only walk with a fairly extreme limp and even then it really hurts for an hour or so. 


Looking at my leg right after skiing, I notice that the affected area is a little red and extremely sore to the touch.  The coloration changes back to normal within a few minutes, but the soreness lingers for a while.  As of now, the soreness has been constant for a week as I have skiied the last 4 days and only had 1 day break between another set of skiing for 5 consecutive days, with a similar pattern for the past 2 months. 


I have been playing with every adjustment on my boots, but nothing seems to help.  The boots are Tecnica Diablo Hot Forms which were recently reformed.  I also have a custom cork insole.


Any suggestions?

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I know this is the boot fitter experts only forum (so delete this post if you must).


Sounds like classic shin bang.  Search Epic on Booster straps.  I use 'em and swear by 'em.

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I have been considering Booster straps for a while, but since I keep reading how hard they are to install on my boots, I keep putting it off.  The boots only have another month and a half of skiing in them, so I dont want to invest a lot of money as I will be purchasing a plug boot at the beginning of next season once I save up some money. 


In all actuality, I think the shells may be too big.  How do you measure the shell fit, with insoles or without?  I am measuring about 15mm and 19mm, respectively, which is siginifcantly larger than the 5-10 recommended for advanced skiers. 



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Shell fit is usually done without footbeds, but either way 19-15mm is large.


boosters are moveable boot to boot, so they are not JUST for your current boots.


eliminator tongues might help to fill up some room in the boot and add some padding to help


problem might be with a big boot, you are just hitting the top of the boot when you flex, and not getting even pressure all the way up the shin, so that top is the only contact point of boot vs shin.



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- boots too big in general

- cuff volume too big

- cuff done up too loose

- cuff set at the wrong angle (causing focal pressure on the shin)

- bone bruise

- shin splints (front/inner border of shin)

- exertional compartment syndrome (anterior compartment)




- take a week off

- ice/advil

- assess boot size & cuff volume

- set cuffs properly

- fill voids

- do up boot snugly

- if all else fails, get assessed re. shin splints/compartment syndrome



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After skiing today (rested yesterday), I am fairly convinced that the boot is too big.  With the warm temperatures (50+*F) the boot never stiffened up as it usually does and my foot literally bounced around on some runs.  I had enough room in the boot to allow for foot position changes, some of which were more comfortable than others. 


I have the cuffs pretty much cranked down.  I only have one notch left to make the cuff tighter, and already, it takes quite a bit of effort to close the buckles. 


After resting yesterday, the soreness almost completely disappeared, so I am thinking that there are not any leg problems, just a poorly fitted boot. 

What is the best way to fill up some of the volume?  I have been trying taping some foam around the liner, but by the time I put enough on so that the void would be filled, the added bulk causes the liner to twist and buckle in over itself.  There seems to be some volume left in the lower leg (ankle, heel) and around the toes, but no room to the sides and top of the foot. 



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my thought is (still) that your boots are too big.  The solution is a smaller boot.


Adding foam might help a bit, for a while, but this is just fixing a broken leg with bandaids.  It will not work long term


problem is that the liner (even with more padding, foam, crap, etc) is in the wrong shell, and the shell is what is letting your foot move around.


If your dress pants are 6" to big and belt will let them stay up, but they do not "fit" right still.


lowering the seat on a bike will let you ride it, but all the other reaches, distances, fit, etc are still all wrong

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I have been playing around with some foam, but since the liner is designed to fit into the shell as is, after a few layers of foam the liner starts to fold over on itself which causes severe preasure points.  What locations on the liner can I put foam that would fill up the most percieved volume while allowing the liner to maintain its orginal inteiror shape?


I know this is not an ideal solution, but as the weather is currently not looking very ski friendly (high in the 50's and 60's this week), I will likely only have 10-20 more ski days this season and that will be the end of this boot's life. 

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Please PM any input if you must.

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just rent boots. 




really, what you have is not working, and will not work.




try extra footbeds to make the boot feel smaller, or thicker socks or smashing your foot with a hammer until it swells up, to make your foot bigger


anything to make your foot bigger, or the boot smaller.




or rent....




or buy now,  prices are on sale, and it is not like this is the only year you are going to ski.  You don't have to get your suffering out of the boot,  you CAN walk away now from it.  You know you will have to sometime anyways.   Come on - all the cool kids are doing it

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