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Looking for a ski bag that also holds boots

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How's it going?  I'm headed out West for the first time and would love to know if there's a good bag out there that can hold skis and boots.  Does anyone know where to find one?  If not, anyone have ideas for best way to pack for flight?  I'm only going for 4 days so I can pack light...just wondering how to keep checked baggage fee as low as possible!  Thanks for your help!


Oh, I found one here but it's for skis up to 140cm...ugh!


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Don't check your boots!  Carry them on the plane, that way you can rent skis and enjoy your trip if the airline loses or damages your ski bag.


FYI, if you do check your boots, most of the airlines count your ski bag and boot bag as 1 bag.


Just flew out to Utah last week and I carried my boots onto the plane.  Of course I also flew Southwest so bag fees weren't an issue.  Took my ski bag and another big bag with clothes for free.



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Gotta agree with MikeC about not checking your boots...if anything happens to the skis you will at least have your boots with you and you'll have a good excuse to demo!


If you still want a bag for sheer convenience, I have not been disappointed by High Sierra's Wheeled Double Snowboard Bag. Fits two pairs of boots and two pairs of skis, or my gf's snowboard and one pair of my skis just nicely, even though it's a double snowboard bag. Holds up to abuse pretty well, and the durable wheels help a lot. High Sierra was great with customer service and quickly sending me a replacement part when one of the alligator clips broke. Recommended .

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Dakine Concourse double will hold skis and boots no problem. The 'don't check your boots' is very good advice, but if almost all your gear is in the ski bag and all you have is a pair of boots, you're probably not skiing till the bag shows up anyway.

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Concur with the Dakine Concourse..  Probably the best out there right now for the throw Everything in 1 bag idea...  I have it and its held up well from AK to WY and everywhere in between...

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i flew to new zealand from new york, had to go from NY to LA, then a different airline from LA to NZ, then another from northern NZ to southern. I took a backpack and then another bag with my boots and my helmet on the plane, then checked one HUGE bag with all my clothes (3 week trip). I had no problem with any of the airlines. It was a very smart idea, if you lose those boots your screwed.... i didnt care on the way home though. i would have been really screwed if i lost the boots, and it saved a ton of room too, i didnt have to pay any extra charges

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Here's a possibility:




You can get a special deal on one for $100.  I sent you a PM with some more info.





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