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order of use for brushes

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I have 3 brushes: nylon, horsehair, and brass. I also have some black fibertex. I was just wondering, when waxing, when do I use these brushes, and in which order?

My guess would be to use fibertex, than brass, than nylon before a wax, and then brass to nylon to horsehair after scraping.

Any suggestions?
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Your'e in VT, eh?

The brushes are really dependent on what you're doing to the wax and what wax it is you're working on. A horsehair brush will do _nothing_ to green wax and very little to blue wax.

Use the bronze to clean old wax/clean out structure after prep.

Use the nylon to brush OUT soft waxes and polish hard waxes.

Use the horsehair as a last polish for softer waxes or overlays.

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Apply toothpaste. Wet brush. Clean teeth. Spit. Rinse mouth. Rinse brush. Put brush away.
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no but seriously. Anyone, anyone at all?
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Here's my routine. Parafin hot wax, scrape immediately to clean. Then brass brush (first brass brush) to clean structure. Next hot wax for skiing, cool for at least an hour. Scrape, brush second brass brush for cleaning structure. Then nylon brush, then horsehair if neccessary (depending on wax).

Let's see who else posts and hope we can learn something.
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www.tognar.com on there site or Swix, Toko, Dominator, etc... they all have good info on waxing and tuning.
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good stuff

what about the fibertex though?
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Fibertex after any brushing before the wax
routine. Initially, you can "scrub" back
and forth lengthwise, but finish up tip
to tail. You are doing a combover
on those little ptex "hairs".
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Serious? You want serious? You can't handle serious!!

Fibretex or Scotchbrite can be used to aid in getting rid of certain foreign material off the base, but you need to be careful since there are different coarsenesses.

I only perform hot scrapes when required, not every time I wax. Generally in the spring when the goop falls off the trees. I always lay a base layer of universal wax. You can search to find out my preference. If I'm just skiing, that is the only wax I need. For racing, I can layer on top of that as needed for the run.

Here's the general procedure;

Wipe skis dry.
Check bindings to see if there any visible abnormalities. Repair, adjust or replace if needed.
Check edges. Deburr, sharpen, polish as needed.
Wipe base clean.
Hot scrape if needed to remove dirt left by wet polishing on base side.
Scrape and brass brush to remove all hot scrape wax.
If hot scrape not required, lightly use brass brush to get rid of any shavings, followed by horse hair brush.
Apply wax of choice and let cool.
Brass brush heavily.
Horse-hair brush heavily.
If layering, apply wax and let cool.
Brass & Horse like above and continue until layering cycle is complete.

Notice the lack of sythetic bristle brushes. They should never be used as a final brushing to eliminate static build-up. Not a big deal for most skiers, but if waxing for speed, you can lose a few 1/100ths right from the start.

Don't forget to floss too. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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