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help out the new guy

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intermediate skier, live in Midwest 215lb 5'8'' in good shape

would like to get a mid-fat ski with so I could improve on the groomed and explore trees, softer snow, conditions where I ski are not the best, but would like to do some west coast stuff at least once a year

and for now I'm a 1 ski quiver guy (budget)

any advice will be appreciated, also may be some input on boots (102 mm wide foot maybe a 80 flex or so?)

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For softer snow conditions you can go with something well above mid-fat.  Skis in the 100+ mm category would be worthy of consideration, and would give the most differentiation when combined with a carver or sport race ski.  Where are you skiing normally, what skis have you been on?  You want something that is directional and crud busting, or something that slips into turns and "slarves" soft snow?  Do you ski aggressively on edges, or is your skiing more speed control?


Things that immediately come to mind range from a Fischer Watea 94 to a Volkl Gotama, but I'm mainly just bumping this from the bottom. Other ideas will come.

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Intermediate skier in the midwest using a 100+ waisted ski as a 1-ski quiver?? Not what I would recommed, unless I read that wrong.


At your weight, I'd look at some of the stiffer twins in the 85-95 waist range. All of them will sacrifice some edge grip on the midwest "hardpack", but will be more versatile for more conditions and they should be plenty for the occassional trip out west. The 95+ skis will work better in the softer conditions out west, but they can be a true handful in normal midwest conditions if you have less than stellar carving skills.


The K2 PE (Public Enemy) is widely available at a reasonable cost, or if you can find one since they've been discontinued a couple of years, the Volkl Karma would rock for your application (I believe the Wall or Ledge is the replacement for that). Another one to look at is the Head Monster series or the Fischer Wateas. Your best bet, if you can, is to demo everything you can get your hands on.

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Line Prophet 90?

If you must - Atomic nomad, that's like 86mm.

if you want to go fat, but I wouldn't recommend anything over 81mm for a 1 ski quiver.

Especially in the midwest.  I mean maybe the Elan 82 Ti.


For the west, unless it's fresh all the skinny mid fats work fine.  Just demo when you're out there.

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I live in the midwest and I ski all kinds of conditions (Mt. Bohemia, Granite Peak, Porkies, and Lutsen are main hills I hit). I won't recommend anything really over 80mm. Going over that I think your going to give up to much carving ability and edge hold. I'd look at something like the Head Monster 78, Fisher Watea 78, Dynastar 8000, or Nordica Nitrous. All of these will perform solid on what you encounter in the midwest and most days out west.  

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I recommend the Dynastar Mythic Rider,  88mm waist and soft enough for powder, destroys crud and rips the groomers.  178cm would be a good length for you.  I'm 205lbs 6'0" and i don't have any problems in the tree's with my 178cm.

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the 102 mm refered to shell width on a boot and flex 80-100

if it goes for skies im looking for someting lower mid fat range 76-78 waist and around 120 tip (lenght of ski 167-171???) maybe 174

thanks again 

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ok I might have a list

07/08 watea 78

IM 77 or IM 78 (if i can find a good deal)

nordica hot rod nitrous???

atomic highnoon???

dynastar 4x4 contact???

 if it goes for bindings I have no idea what to get for the ones that are not systems (im77 or watea)

I love the fit of the head mojo heatfit (snug heel and rooomy teo and mid) I have duck feet


please let me know what you guys think

thank you


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