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Where do the locals eat in Vail, Co?

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So it seems to me, Old Boot went crazy this year.  He actually replaced is 16 year old boots.  This would be like turning your child in for a new model.  This happened after introducing him to these forums.  So do so at your own risk if you have spouses. 


Now, on to my question.....As Old Boot, IMO, has really over extended himself this year with new skis, new boots, trip to Vail (this after we already booked and did our vacation in December (Carribean Cruise), I am looking to keep costs down but still eat better then Subway Subs (though they're a great deal and good too, will get boring if eaten for lunch and dinner for a week). 


So.... I"m looking for good mom and pop dinners (grilled pork chops and good old home made mashed potatos) with good prices, good meals and in particular, the locals breakfast haunt with great breakfast cheap?  So any local starving ski instructors or other ski bums etc, have some nice spots that would fit the bill?  You could pm me if you really don't wanna let the secrets out of the bag.

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Route 6 Diner in Eagle-Vail for breakfast.  Swiss Dog in Avon for a great hot dog (yes I know it sounds weird but they are cheap and good).  Other than that my recs go expensive.  Sorry. :(

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Well COSkiGirl it seems you have been talking to Bazzer about meeting up,us also ,sooooo it seems we don't have to worrie much about finding these places. Oh ya you own a bus???Great big van even???

LOL thanks but you can draw a map in the snow on one of the runs we do, we wount pressure you into draggin us all along and taking "good" care of us, I mean just cause we would if the if the situation was reversed dosn't mean you need to.

HEHE we are evil folk

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Ah, Old Boot, wish I were going to be in Vail in the next couple of weeks.  I don't think I'm back up in Vail until at least the 21st and not skiing (in Vail) until March 2nd when the Divas are here.  I am sorry I'm going to miss you all this trip but I've got too much going on in the next few weeks.  To get to Route 6 diner head west from Vail and take the Eagle-Vail exit.  Take a right at the light at the bottom of the ramp and head down Hwy 6 until you see the place on the right with a couple of gas pumps that looks like an old gas station/garage.  It was.  Go in and enjoy!

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Too bad we will miss you that week but thanks for the directions. Work has a job in March at the Mint so we may get a chance to head that way in March also (fingures crossed)

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Check out the Turntable Restaurant in Minturn. Great breakfast burritos, diner atmosphere, cheap good food.

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LS and OB- Here are a few of the places that my friends and I hang out at... Most are not in Vail proper, but all are within 15 minute drive from West Vail.


The Gas House in Edwards (BBQ, Fish, Steaks and downhome cooking)...

Chili Willy's in Minturn (TexMex, try their KIWIFRUIT Margs!)...

Ti Amo in Eagle-Vail (Italian, very diverse menu, and never had a bad meal here!)...

Main Street Grill in Edwards (American)...

Paddy's in Eagle-Vail (but rumor has it that it is closing soon)...

Mulligan's in Eagle-Vail Golf Course...

Finnigan's Wake in Avon (real stick to your ribs food)...

Fiesta Jalisco in Avon (Mexican, also has branches in Edwards and Eagle)...


Just a few ideas for those coming to the Vail Valley, and looking for some other than $$$ eats!

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Just to add to VS's post Dish in Edwards is great.  My favorite restaurant of all time.  Monday the 13th they start their off season pricing, $25 6 course tasting menu! 

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To add to VS's post again as well as a little update..

Mulligans is closed, sorry.. I do however have some inexpensive dining options which are closer to (or actually inside) Vail Village that are VERY good.


Moe's Original BBQ-
Awesome! Authentic "Bama"-style BBQ, very inexpensive for the area and filling. Try the daily specials, they're great!

The Little Diner-
Small breakfast place next to Moe's. Reasonably priced with HUGE portions. Everything on the menu is excellent and made from scratch daily.

*If you're in Lionshead during the "Off Season" try Montauk Seafood Grille for fish or Billy's Island Grill for steaks they both usually offer deeply discounted prices on entree's (usually 40 to 50 percent off).

Vail Village

The George-
Actually a pub next to the covered bridge in the basement of the mountain house, they offer a very good lunch and dinner menu that won't break the bank.

Pazzo's Pizza-
Good Pizza, call ahead and get it to go. This place is a MADHOUSE during the busy season with it being one of the few cheap places to eat in the village.

Again, good pizza and very busy during the season. It is the only late night dining option in the village serving pizza until 1am. The dining room downstairs is good for dinner and a little cheaper than most of the other restaurants in town. Avoid sitting in the bar area(s) upstairs, it gets a little crazy at night.

*In the off-season several restaurants in the village offer 50% off or 3 to 4 course specials as well, just check the ad's in the Vail Daily to see what is being offered. Good places to check out are Terra Bistro, Russell's, Campo di Fiori, Up the Creek, La Tour, The Left Bank, Sweet Basil, The Wildflower, and Larkspur.

East Vail

The only dining option in East Vail other that buying your own food at the East Vail Market is Bighorn Bistro, and it's good! Not too expensive either (I think everything is under 25 to 30 bucks). It is located at the Vail Racquet Club on Bighorn Dr..

West Vail

May Palace-
Dinner here can get a little pricey, but the "happy hour" from 4 to 6pm is fantastic! Cheap appetizers and drinks. The lunch specials here are great too! A full meal with choice of entree, a portion of fried rice, an egg roll, and a wonton chip for less than 10-11 dollars.. On Sundays they also have an all-you-can-eat buffet from 11am to 3pm. Next to City Market.

Gohan Ya-
A small dine-in/take-out Japanese-Style noodle joint. It is very well priced and filling. They have the best Yaki-Soba and Yaki-Udon I've had outside Seattle! The sushi is pretty good too for not being made to order. Between Taco Bell and Subway next to Safeway.

*There are 2 grocery stores and a few fast food joints in West Vail as well, but I would rather go to these locally owned and operated restaurants any day of the week!

I hope this helps! Although the restaurants mentioned in the other posts above are all great, I would much rather dine at a place closer to home before or after a long day of skiing or hiking.
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