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New PM structure is cool!

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 Dan, Ted, Frank:


I like the threading format of the PMs on the system!  Any chance to get more visual delineation between the individual "posts" in the thread at some point.  Maybe overlay the standard thread posts template? 


I also like the fact that contents of the message are contained in the notification email


The next iteration described below sounds like a great solution.




Originally Posted by frankfarmer View Post




Our PM system is different from vBulletin's, in that PMs are threaded.  When you click "Reply", you're replying to the thread (and its recipients), not to any single user.  This allows for easy group conversation. This was by design, and based on the design of the PM system of a major website that also has threaded PMs.  It's not intuitive to have PM threads with varying recipient lists.



That being said, I mentioned your confusion to Ted (who handled all of the PM UI), and in the interest of preventing further confusion, he's going to make the recipient list on the PM reply popup editable.  If you leave the recipient list unaltered, your reply will go to the thread; if you alter the list of recipients, a new thread will be created.  Hopefully this will result in fewer misdirected messages.





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The threading format is good. but in the quick run down on the home page, it would be nice to see THEIR name, not mine in the quicklist so I can see who is in the convo. I know I am!!

I always worry the threading option as well wasn't working. seemed like when you sent a message it didn't send. But it was. Because on the inbox page, due to threading, it shows your last post.
Thank you for putting in the "whos in the convo" feature. This is really helping out.

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Yeah, Talyn, I see listing ME as somewhat unintuitive, but it is workable.


With the threading format, maybe down the road a PMs list is all we need, without the Inbox/Outbox. 

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Another +1 for the threaded PMs. very nice!


As a low-priority feature request, we used to have the ability to export & download PMs to text or xml. Any thoughts about that happening on this platform?

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Thoughts, yep... No promises, yet...

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