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ski choice help me out

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intermediate skier, live in Midwest 215lb 5'8'' in good shape

would like to get a mid-fat ski with so I could improve on the groomed and explore trees, softer snow, conditions where I ski are not the best, but would like to do some west coast stuff at least once a year

and for now I'm a 1 ski quiver guy (budget)

any advice will be appreciated, also may be some input on boots (102 mm wide foot maybe a 80 flex or so?)
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Definately go and find a good pair of boots first and then go and demo some skis.  I'd aim a bit higher on the boot flex scale since you are over 200 lbs., 80 flex is pretty soft.  Something more like 100 or 110 will work for you in the long term.  Definately don't let anyone sell you an "intermediate" boot since you'll outgrow it very quickly as you improve.


Hard to say what skis you'll like, but some mid-fat type skis I've liked are the Head IM 77/78, Fischer Watea 84, and K2 PE.  Demo some and then try and find a deal on the one you like best at the end of the ski season.


Good luck with your search!



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Thank you MikeC

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Didn't you already post this question and receive several replies.....mine included???

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no I have not

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See what Philpug is unloading this week...


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hey Viking what do you mean and how do I I said Im new to this forum, thanks

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I ski in the midwest mainly Granite Peak, Mt. Bohemia, Porkies, and Lutsten. I don't think there is a need to go over 82mm or so. I think your going to give up to much of the carving, quickness from edge to edge, and edge hold going higher. I'd look at skis like the Head Monster IM78 or 82, Nordica Nitrous, Fisher Watea 78, and Dynastar 8000. All these will do great in the midwest and do great out west in most conditions. Going wider is great for powder but in the midwest you just don't run into if very often and usually never the amount that you'd need anything wider. Only way I'd go wider is if Mt. Bohemia is your home hill. Otherwise your just giving up too much going wider as a single quiver ski used mainly in the Midwest.  


Try to demo some.

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Originally Posted by sobrski View Post

no I have not




See here......

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VolklGirl ooooops I'm sorry, the last two brain cells I have left  had a problem with communication  at the time I answered that question.... Yes i did post the same thing on a different forum about a day after this original post.... since there were no answers.

"this is my brain after I stopped using drugs"


BTW what do you think of my list ....did you read the other post?

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