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deleting subscriptions

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I've got 621 subscriptions.  Is there a way to delete them all and start over?

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Please tell me if you find out.


I just spent 10 minutes deleting years of pm's.

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Me too--641

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1952 here .  

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Phil, no one cares when you wre born--we're talking about subsciptions here....

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I ain't no bottle of Bud with a "Born on" date. ;)  

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I don't think you need to delete your subscriptions. On vB, when we read a thread, the system automatically subscribed us to that thread. Those of us who were on epicski a long time acquired a lot of subscriptions. I have more than 2700! What I have found is when someone posts to one of those old threads, it comes to the top of my subscriptions so I can read it if I want. Otherwise, the old subscription stays down the list where it just sits until someone posts to that thread. It doesn't seem to have been a problem to have had thousands of subscribed threads before, and I don't think it does with the new system either. Rather, it's a convenience--in case anyone weighs in on whether golf is a sport or some other subject that started way back when and you are still interested. 


If it bothers enough people, we can ask for a block delete of subscriptions (and PMs).

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I think because they are showing in the Edit Subscriptions page in alphabetical order rather than "most recently active" order, that it is sort of an issue.  I'd like the ability to categorize things back as well as the ability to sort according to "first post", "last post", thread author, etc. 

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That's the answer for me, Nolo.  I didn't know I had that many subscriptions before. 


I don't need to delete them then.  No problem.





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PM sent to the dev team.  I'm sure that re-sorting subscriptions by date is an easy fix.

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