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Cottonwoods this weekend?

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Anyone around this weekend...I'll be skiing up there Sat. & Sunday if anyone wants to make some turns.  Looks like snow is coming!





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I'll probably be up LCC.  I fly in late and am staying in the valley tonight. Depends on the snowfall amounts were I end up.  I have a severe aversion to lift lines,  so I could even end up at Snowbasin if they do ok with this storm.


All black, skiing fast,  XXL's w/dukes.  


I'll send you a pm with my #.

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I will be at Solitude on Sunday, 2/8 if you are going to BCC instead.

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Ended up at Snowbasin Saturday.  Little crusty underneath, short lines.  Powder Mountain Sunday. No lines, south facing was baked.  Still lots of untrack on north facing.  Got turned onto some demo's from the head ski designer for DPS. Fun powder ski, very lite. 

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