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Please help me find the right ski!

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Hey all, I appreciate everyone's time and look forward to contributing to the community.


I am hoping to find the right ski for me, and need a little help!


I started skiing 15 years ago and became quite good, using the old straight skis.  I then switched over to snowboarding for the past 6 years, but would like to get back into skiing.  I missed the speed of ripping up the mountain and really pushing myself.  I never felt completely in control on a snowboard, as I did with skis.


I recently picked up an old (in great condition) Atomic Beta Ride 11.20's and tried them out last week.  It was love at first site all over again.  I am now looking to upgrade to a new pair, but not sure of what might be best for me, since ive been away from the sport for a number of years.


I ski mainly in the northeast (PA, NY, NJ).. so it is man made packed, with some ice and the occasional fresh power.  i also venture up to Vermont a couple times a year.


I am 5'10, 175lb, fairly strong and in good shape.  The Atomic 180s are a bit heavy and maybe a tad long for me.  But I felt pretty good at speeds, but I dont really have to much to compare to, except distant fond memories.


i have been looking at the Volkl AC30's, but I am not sure if my technique is there.  I stay mainly on the diamonds, with some blues mixed in.


i also have a pair of Nordica Speedmachine 10 boots, with a 100 flex rating.


Any ski recommendations would be great appreciated!


Thanks and let it snow!

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Welcome to EpicSki, MjL!

Head Supershape Speeds in a 170.

That's what is sitting in front of me right now. I'm a similar height, but about 25lb heavier.

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Here is a shameles Hart Ski plug. =)

Some Hart Attacks might do you good or Carbons.
They are both all mountain/Powder ski's

These are both 170s, You said the 180's were to long.

115-81-108 r18
The attack is a square heal, and the carbon is a rounded heal.

I can set you up with either of these ski's.

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Great 1st post.

I have been back to skiing now for 6 seasons, after a long hiatus to surf and be close to the family, so feel where your coming from.

I think you could easily handle the AC 30's. It sounds like your in great shape, so get a ski that will challenge you. When I first came back, I quickly went through the Volk series of skis in 4 years. I did really like all of them and the last pair were AC 40s that I would have kept longer than 1 season, if not a 170 length. I am your height but 185lbs and prefer all mountain skis in the 178-188 range. Presently I am using 178 Nordica Nitrous, 184 Dynastar Mythic Riders and 187 Movement Thunders. I think you would really like the first 2 in a 178ish length. The Thunders are great, but a hand full, that I am still challenged by every time out.

Have fun and welcome back to the light.

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