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Hannes Schneider on NH TV

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If anybody's interested, there's supposed to be a segment about this Alpine skiing legend and pioneer on WMUR's "NH Chronicles" at 7:30pm tonight. Hannes is credited as the inventor of the Arlberg technique and ended up living near Cranmore for many years after fleeing Austria to escape Nazi persecution. I believe he was placed under house arrest due to his close association with a major Jewish figure in skiing and was only allowed to leave after a US ski promoter paid a large sum/bribe to the Nazis. A race day in Schneider's memory was either just held or is coming up very soon at Cranmore. Hannes was also a major force in developing modern ski instruction.

I'm afraid that I might miss it due to an event at my daughter's school and I am not versed in TV recording at this point...hopefully I can watch in online later, if needed.

Even if you don't care about Schneider, you can never get too much Fritz Wetherbee.

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