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K2 Coomba/ Movement Goliath Sluff

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Any input on these skis? Has anyone tested them against each other? Can't decide which one I should get. I'm 5' 10" 190lbs. Ski mostly soft snow, some hardpack/mixed to get to the lifts. Some side country, not much true back country.

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I haven't had anything to do with movement skis, but I can tell you that the coomba is pretty much a wet noodle from what I have heard and few runs I took on it.  Kinda seems like this ski would have come on the market 6 years ago since it is really not that fat but is made for powder.  Why not upgrade to something like a twin such as scott p4, obsethed, goat, etc...

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I have never skied the K2, but have the Sluff...184cm

If its less than a foot deep, the sluff is a blast, at least for my skill level...

The sluff can carve on hardpack, at leat the hardpack we get in Colorado...

It really shine's in my opinion on the days when it is snowing, or it's shin deep ...

Deeper than that, i think it requires a more skilled pilot than i am...

I have had the sluff in knee/thigh deep powder and it was work for me...

I am looking to add the Icelantic Shaman for those days...

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The Sluff is a great ski.  Tons of fun, not the best deep snow ski but it rocks.  The Coomba (with all due respect to Doug Coombs) is just like most k2's very damp, very lifeless, a noodle

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I have actually never skied either, but I have Movement Thunders and Movement Goliaths. The Sluff fits in between these two, so I have a pretty good idea what it is all about and I have read a ton on that ski. First, Movement skis are quality products. Great top sheets that are hard to nick up, bomber bases and very well thought out designs. The ski will be stiff underfoot for great edge hold but will get progressively softer at each end for nice float in the soft stuff. Neither of my skis get deflected much in crud, so I am assuming the Sluff kills tracked out snow also. The Sluff is about 100mm underfoot, so not a real edge to edge groomer ripper, but will be fun there and not wide enough to be my dedicated pow ski, but as others said, up to 12" of soft stuff, and I bet the 184 is really fun for a guy up to 200lbs. For a 1 ski quiver in the west, the Sluff would be a very fun choice IMO. If I could live with a 1 ski quiver, I would own a pair.

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Thanks so much! I think this post made my mind up for me.

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