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Moguls, yee-ow...(just a comment, not a query)

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While skiing the three Park City mountains last week, I was again amazed and impressed at the elegance with which some people dance down those bumpy fields; and it became apparent, after my efforts, that I will not be struck by some body-mind epiphany that suddenly wakes my feet and eases my trepidation re: committing to The Line(s); I will simply have to take a mogul-specific lesson.
I found the up-unweighting (swinging the tails of my skis 'round mid-air) to be helpful and felt as if there were a clue somewhere in that, and a chat I had with UTAH49 also shed some light, but still....

And after watching skiers blast STRAIGHT DOWN a steep mogul field (comp. level, with jumps), I now feel confident that if you can ski moguls, you can probably ski darn near anything.

I can't say I'll ever salivate for VW-size, glass-textured bumps ala PIERRE EH!, but I WILL, oneday, better understand this stuff. (Which, to finish, bleeds into a skiing personality-type thing, in that...while the guys I skied with had "no desire" to get into the bumps ("too much work," "what's the point?"), etc., it almost hurt to look at those fields and know that they are, right now, beyond me.

By the way, re: the "work," some of those skiers seemed as if they were doing anything BUT exerting themselves. Pretty dang good stuff.
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I know how you feel Ryan.
Some day Huh?....
Me too.
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Ditto on the dancing, ryan. Getting down them alive and getting down them in style are not even from the same planet.
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you had said you did the 9990 descent @ The Canyons? Man, some of that stuff looked STEEEEP! You feel better on the really steep stuff than you do in the moguls? Looking up at some of that stuff, it was easy to imagine giving it a shot and as easy to imagine tumbling all the way down.

EDIT: OBOE. Bingo!! I could get down just fine, not falling. But talk about U-G-L-Y
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Did you make it to the Canyons?
What did you think?
Yes skied 9990. Fright Gully was a blast. I was comfortable in the steeps and I can ski the moguls. It feels like I'm still working too hard. (getting old) It usually feels pretty rough and sloppy but I've hardly ever seen myself ski so I'm probably a bad self critic. Someday I'll see what I look like. I'd love to have a video of myself and someone like Bob Barnes, Lyle Stewart or Scott Mathers watch it with me and point out what I'm doing.. Maybe some day. Sigh...
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Actually, I liked The Canyons. Some fun terrain. We got snow every night and blue skies everyday, at all three places. Some of those blues are steeper, generally, than other places, and with an inch or two of soft stuff, groomed, you could both warm up and haul ass at the same time. Big place, of course. I found the lay-out kinda funky; not real easy from one side to the other. I'd go back. Probably prefer it to Park City, actually.
I like the steep stuff, too, though my turns on that are quite skidded, usually.

EDIT: on a funny note ('cause the guy was okay), watched a 50-ish gentleman go off the trail and down the side and into some trees last run of the day (of course). Fearing bad stuff, I stopped, went in after him. He was a pretzel, all twisted in the trees at uncomfortable angles. (Helmet? No.) I got him out, all fine and good. What I noticed, though, when I got to him was the unmistakeable aroma of a mess in his underwear. Think he sorta scared himself a tad. <FONT size="1">

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It was good meeting you Ryan.Sorry about Sunday.It would have ben fun to ski with you.Hope we can get a few turns in on your next trip out this way.

The Best skier in the world is the One with the biggest smile. Utah49
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Actually, I replied to your thread RYAN IN PARK CITY...and it was my pleasure, D. I, too, wish we coulda made a few turns. You might've been more frustrated with my group than I was, for reasons you and I discussed. How anyone could find a problem with those conditions is...well, you know. I SHOULD'VE brought 'em by to be slapped. Maybe be there this summer, who knows, but definitely next season. Take care!!!

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