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I inserted two videos below. Do you see it?




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I can't see it in firefox. I just tried IE after seeing your answer. IE is fine

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I can see it in FireFox. Do you have all your plugins, installed?

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I can see the video in youbute but not here.


I just update firefox to the latest version today

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WAG: Under Preferences/Content is Java enabled? Not sure if this relates or not.......


Under Prefernces/Main/Manage Plug Ins


Edited by Alpinord - Thu, 05 Feb 09 05:28:20 GMT
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I have java and flash installed

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I see it with Firefox just fine.

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Hellside, I see them both, as well (Firefox/Mac). I'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to see them here when you can on YouTube, since the code should effectively be the same... Strange.

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