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Snowbird! First trip - your advice wanted!

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My buddy and I are headed out to Snowbird on friday and will be there for 5 days.    It'll be both of our first times out there and we're looking forward to it.   


I'm looking for any information or advice you're willing to share - secret powder stashes, good places to eat/drink, best place to go to avoid the tram line on a pow day (forecast has good chance of snow through the weekend), etc.   We're both level 8/9 and looking to explore pretty much everything it has to offer.


Any and all advice is appreciated.     And before you tell me to use the search function, I did.   And the new search sucks/   (no way to see the dates of the posts or what category the thread was in, plus no way to narrow down the search so it brings up every mention of the mountain).  



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If you don't need to be at the main base lodge I would suggest starting out at Lot 1 Creekside and ride gad zoom lift and head over to gad2 lift. You can get something to eat and get tickets at Creekside. You can acess Little cloud lift from either of the gad lifts to head over to circue or Mineral Basin. I would avoid MB can seem to be long lines on that chair by mid morning. Was at Snowbird on Monday and there were no lines, but with potential snow coming in that will change.

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Because of its size and multiple aspects the sun and wind have hugely varying effects on different parts of the mountain.  One area of the mountain can suck while other places have excellent skiing, and this can change over the course of the day.  Keep an eye on where people are skiing, and more importantly not skiing. If you see almost no one skiing Mineral Basin in the morning there is probably a good reason. Like wise with Little Cloud Bowl on the opposited side of the ridge.  Skiing a mountain as big as Snowbird takes some logistics to hit the best stuff, so keep your ears open on the Tram and talk to the locals whenever possible.  Even on a powder day there will be areas that have much better or more snow, so watch and listen is the best advice I can think of.  The natual inclination is to go to the open slopes, but you may be skiing them alone for a good reason.

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I'll be making my first trip to Alta/Bird this weekend too, skiing on Sun., Mon., and Tues.  See you on the slopes!

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Thanks for the advice so far.    Anyone know how the cell phone coverage is?   Also any food recommendations?   We've got a little hotel room so will be eating out the whole time we're there.


If anyone is around 6th-11th and wants to take a few turns let me know!

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Food I found that the mid mountain restaurant is reasonably priced compared with the place at the Tram, which is waaaaaay high priced.  It's nothing fancy at midmountain.  Snowbird is a high priced resort if you let it be.  Hit the Creekside as was mentioned.  Dunno if you're staying there but if you're driving up usually on a weekday 830 at Creekside you'll have a good spot unless it's a pow day.


The Gad chairs serve some really nice snow.  There are also some narrowish steep chutes off there so be ready.  It's somewhat intimidating riding up there first time (at least for me it was). 


The lower Cirque is a great take but a bit hard to find, upper is great too but only if you're ridiculously good and it's a pow day.  It's kind of a you fall you're in big trouble place.


Little Cloud bowl is a great upper intermediate/easier bowl skiing place with good snow.


Cell coverage has been pretty good last few years in LCC
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If you are 8/9 skiers you can probably ski 80% of what Snowbird offers.


There's some big stuff there.

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We arrived yesterday and got a half day in.   It snowed 9" yesterday, so suffice it to say that things did not suck!


Still lots of mountain left to explore.   Should be a fun day.  

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How about Alta, unless you board...much better snow conditions and less crowded. Hook up with a local and have them drag you out to some of the high traverses...a lot of good stuff anywhere you look.

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Pray for snow, I hear its rare in LCC (LOL)

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Be sure to check in again and let us know where you skied at Snowbird.

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ya - if you're there check out Alta too.


Let us know how things were at both places.  Pics get extra appreciation.


btw - ya they always get new snow don't they??  Good times ahead :)


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