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Some suggestions

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There is lot of potential in Epic 2.0. In particular, I like the ability to write reviews. And I see how, with a little more user-supplied content and some added functionality, it will be possible to, for example, to search for users who use the same equipment and/or ski the same places as me. I can also see how you would be able to accurately rank equipment and destinations based not on the ratings of some ski magazine run by nonskiers but rather on the input of the membership. 


Also, there's some nice Ajaxification throughout the site. 


So....some suggestions. All of these suggestions have probably been mentioned elsewhere in some form or another.


  • Add a wiki search capability or integrate wiki searches into the soon-to-be advanced search capability
  • Allow the user to browse wikis by category or keyword or tag, not by title
  • Would you consider moving towards a more fully CSS-based model of interface design (ala CSS Zen Garden) ? I know it's not a trivial undertaking, and it's not as important as working on some of the functionality that is missing or partially implemented. But think of all the benefits, tangible and otherwise, of letting users select skins or themes. No more grumbling about wasted real estate, colors, layout, etc.


Good luck.





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Gnarlito - many thanks. A lot of thought went into the development, but we obviously have some enhancements to make.


You'll notice the Related Content link on the side of this page, the forum threads that show up on resort pages, (e.g. http://www.epicski.com/products/jackson-hole) etc. We use a structured tagging system to spread related forums, wikis, etc. all over the site, but have it shut down right now because not much content is tagged and we'd like to optimize for performance. Keep an eye out for when we turn that all on again soon - I think you'll like it.


As for the CSS suggestions, I have passed along the links to our team - thanks again!

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