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Killington - First 4 Hours/Quickstart Advice

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We're taking our first family trip to Killington in a couple weeks and I know it's a big place that can be hard to get around.  Can any Killington skiers recommend a good approach to starting off a few days of skiing so we don't waste a day traversing the resort?  It's mostly for my son (14) and I.  We'll ski mostly intermediates and easier blacks together.  Don't do bumps well or tight-packed trees, but most other things are in range.  Maybe suggest a lift or two and some runs to get us started then general mountain advice?  We have 3 day tickets, but will probably try to spend the last day at Pico depending on how it goes.


This might be something to put on the resort wiki's as well to share knowledge with others visiting "home turf"....



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Hi ChappyOnIce,

I'm headed up to Killington with the family late in Febuary too, so I'm looking forward to hearing what anyone with more experience there has to say.  But just for some random thoughts...


It's been years since I've been there, but as I recall the "Ramshed" area is a pretty easy area for warmups, and there is a great, reeeaaaally long run off to the left side of the mountains called Juggernaut.  If bumps ain't your think then you'll probably want to steer clear of Bear mountain (or at least the "outer limits")... as I recall that one is pretty hairy with bumps.


I also hear that there's a new terrain park called  "The Stash" that's supposed to be pretty cool, if you're son's a boarder.




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I'm no Killington expert, but have skied there a few times a year for the the past thrity years and think the best place to start is the original part of the ski area.  I suggest that you start early at the Killington Base lodge now called the K-1.  Take a ride up on the gondola and ski the runs off of the North Ridge chair which usually have the best snow because of the elevation.  Take a look down Lower East Fall which is near where the North Ridge chair loads and if it looks good take a run down this faily steep and usually groomed black.  Head over to the Snowden Quad or triple depending on which is running, take a few runs in this area, Chute, and Bunny Buster are fun intermediate trails.  There are some good bump runs too if the snow is fresh Royal Flush, Northstar and Great Bear, Highline, Conclusion are awesome trails.  It is easy to ski from Snowden back to the Northridge Triple and access some of the tougher trails in the Canyon area like Double Dipper or Down Draft.


A traverse over to the Needle's Eye area via Launch Pad (rated black but is a flat groomer) allows you to examine Ovation, Superstar and Skyehawk without commitment.  Needles Eye has some good cruiser terrain and you can also go to Bear Mtn and check out Outerlimits from a distance.


The mountain does offer guided tours.

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Talisman is 100% right on.  I've done Killington fairly regularly for a while and this advice is solid.


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I second(third?) Talisman's advice.  Ski there quite a bit and he is suggesting a great start.  An alternative to the suggestion would be to park at Bear Mountain Lodge and do Wildfire, Skyburst, DreamMaker, and the new Stash area...then venture over to Needles Eye area via the new Skyburst quad.    

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Thanks a ton for the suggestions, we'll do as Talisman advises.  It's nice to go in with a plan.

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