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This gets back to what I said earlier in the current stance width thread about a need to define what we call wide or narrow.

As far as "sperm turner" , its not directed towards or against anyone. If it was, it would be sexist. But if I've offended anyone, just say the word and I will delete it.
Anyway, I didn't make up that term. Whaaaaa!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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"sperm turner" is not sexist because it's a description of a type of turn. It's not much different than "weaving car" or the like. Let's hope this site doesn't get too pc or ...well...arrgghh...

If you're not going to ski with instructors you're cutting down the list of skiing buddies drastically no? I'm sure there's plenty of people going to Fernie who will ski with you part of the day. (If not they're bums but...)

One doesn't always need to rip it up. Sometimes it's better to do something more mello. When I went to Taos a couple years ago on the last 2 days it dumped. This was the first week of April and it hadn't snowed for awhile and they were closing in 2 weeks. These factors made people a little nuts and the hike up to the ridge was not pleasant. Hiking up with all this huffing and puffing behind you, being passed and just the endless scrambling to get up was annoying. It was worse than Penn station because there you expect it. It was dumping like crazy anyway- the wind was blowing the snow over the ridge so every run had fresh tracks. Anyway, in the afternoon when it had stopped snowing I decided the hell with this and I'll go down and get a cappucino and some food. I went to the place I was going every day in the morning. After the coffee the woman who runs it decided to close up and come skiing. We went up with her daughter who was like 9 and had a blast. We skied mostly easy stuff and would cut in and out of the woods for powder. Looking for fresh tracks her daughter would hold her arms out like Frankenstein and mumble "Powder,Powder". It was hysterical. (there's a western girl eh?)
That was a lot of fun and remains one of my great ski experiences.
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Cool! Just let Powdigger know in this thread. http://www.epic-ski.com/ubb/Forum2/HTML/001802.html

We may be able to get a better deal on a hotel if we have a bigger group.

Tog, Frankenstein, hee, hee, ha, ha!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Ya, Pierre, apologies, on the delayed answer. Good ideas... I have your email downloaded on my home PC, didn't get it loaded on my Handspring Visor. I flat out recommend you seriously investigate the footbed and alignment clinic that Harb Ski Systems does, and go to the other one(s) too. It'll help you figure things out. And my email reply will give you some details as to why.

Been doing computer consulting in Aspen for the last five days. Like 12-14 hour days. I may be moving to the Roaring Fork Valley, don't know yet. I think these folks want to hire me... I know they NEED me! LOL!

I barely have time to post here lately. I want to reply when I can read it again... and hit all the major points. Willdo!

Umm, Fernie trip? I think I screwed up and did not get on the official email list... oooops. I want to go, and am planning to.

Lisamarie, I can ski slow... or very slow... OR pretty speedy, and in between too. No worries... LOL! I enjoy making turns on it all... Groomers are fun too. Ballroom dancing!

I constantly make up things when I am teaching too... I just GOTTA get that "aha" light bulb glowing a little brighter over my students heads... Whatever it takes...

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver

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Lisamarie, I was just looking at your Bormio post. Based on the all the heart felt responses you received, I would suggest that you do not take ski school classes when you go to Fernie. My sympathy would go out to the poor instructor if you did not enjoy your lesson. Far too many of your "big brothers" will be present to tell him off.

By the way, "sperm turner" is a humorous and acurate way to describe a certain anacronistic style of skiing. Who made it up?
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Oh, I believe my "big brothers" will have much better things to do on their vaction than evaluate other ski instructors.
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Right on Patricks8. It will be time to make sweeeet turns for all of us... I am already deciding on what quiver and music to bring... LOL!

Even though I don't keep very quiet here in EpicSki ... I do know how to shadow a lesson quietly. No, really. Hee hee

You have aquired a lot of big brothers around here, Lisamarie... how did you manage to do that?

Fernie hopes? Fluffy and deep snow, I dream of snorkeling!

Visit me here >>>SnoKarver

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Big brothers. Cute, since I'm older than most of ya'!

Don't really know how that happened. Probably because I am much newer to skiing than most folks here. In a way, I sort of "grew up" in my skiing on this board. And I ask lots and lots of questions.

I might have given up skiing if it weren't for some teachers here. Unfortunately, I have a tendency to get really upset after a bad lesson.

But Epic has served as a reality base for me. If I learn something, and it really feels wrong, usually I can find out right here that it was either wrong, or incredibly dated!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Completely off topic.....

Just reading this thread it's really cool seeing you guys talking about going to fernie together. I dont know you or where this fernie is but i find myself feeling excited as if i was organising a trip like this myself:P Enjoy, and have some fun for me too.

Keep it cool.....Tim
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For the record, I retract any positive comments about what she/they're teaching.

I bought the video, it was painful to watch it. Hopefully I can record over it - get some use out of it.

All she/they're doing is teaching gang stuff. I think it was even sponsored by gang leaders.

Ka ka.

Our country will come together and lead the charge to save the world.<FONT size="1">

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SCSA, any highlights ( or lowlights, I guess)
that illustrate what you didn't like?
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Can I borrow the book when you are done to have a look at it?

You might want to get a book that I read years ago called "Inner Skiing". You will understand the mind's eye (mind body connection) thing that is discussed in it. I found it very interesting, It's all about the premise that if you can see it in your mind you can do it. Athlethe's do this. First you need to watch or see what you consider good form and technique. then you see yourself in your mind doing it. Once you can do that your body will use that as a guide. When I lead spinning classes I use this. Or when I am out with a skier who needs more focus. I find it helps them focus. I may still have it if you are interested.
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Why ask Miles? Haven't you learned not to expect rational answers? If any "gang" members are involved than it MUST be bad. Why ask why?
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Yep, of course you can borrow it! Regarding Inner Skiing, I have read it. I will also lend you The Centered Skier, another awesome book.
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Todd, I asked him about what he doesn't like. For an opinion. It doesn't have to be rational. But for what it's worth, he always seems to reply to ME in a rational manner. Of couse, I'm not part of the gang.
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