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Sure Wish I read this Book when I First Started

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Been reading a bit, lately.
I just found Ellen Post Foster's The Art of Carving. So far, this is the most logical book on ski technique I have read.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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What's your take on R.Mark Ellings' "All Mountain Skier"? Anyone?
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I haven't read that yet. I do like Witherall's Athletic Skier.

The thing about The Art of Carving is that someone can pretty much start it when they begin skiing, and progress in a logical coherent manner. Many ski books start at the intermediate level.
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agreed lisamarie
Great book.
Did you get the video that goes with it?
It's pretty good too. Not quite as engaging as Breakthrough on skis but it seems to be more techical. Each has it's good points and bad.
I also purchased the technical skills for alpine skiing by Ellen Post Foster. It has some great exercises but it's more geared to teaching kids/youth. Something I'm finding I'm doing more of (my friends kids are starting to ski)

I have not had a chance to dig into the all-mountain skier but it's a book on my table at home to read. the first glance looked pretty good.
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MUST, Must get the video!
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Oh yeah, I like her - I want to meet her. She's the only one I've seen besides Harald and Lito that's actually breaking skiing down to a series of movements. She gets it.

She comes from Winter Park. Some would say that's where PMTS was really invented (not by Harald).
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And it bugs me that Jenny what's her name gets all the press. I mean, she's just going around the country selling women new equipment.

Ellen is a real hero.
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Interesting, SCSA that you like Ellen's book. Because in the first chapter, sher says that the wedge is the cornerstone of all other movements you will learn.

Also, Jeannie Thoren does not represent a single manufacturer or brand. She helps people find what's best for them.

Wasn't Harold only endorsing one brand of skis and booots?

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I thought SCSA's comment was interesting too. Ellen couldn't be more "ganglike". She was on the PSIA demo team for at least two terms and did the initial video presentation for the introduction of Centerline.
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Really? I just breezed through her web site and liked what I saw. But if she's saying that...

When I first met Harald, he was promoting Head and Elan with Dalbello. He's always stayed with Zipfit for liners. I think now though he's fond of more brands.

Did you read the article in Good Old Boys Mag (Ski Mag)? Didn't you think she was selling equipment a little too heavy?

I ordered Ellen's video, so I could make a better judgment. I'll report back once I watch it.

Not all gang members and leaders are bad. I mean, SnoKarver is a gang member, so is Rick H.<FONT size="1">

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I did read the article. But I know women who have taken her workshop, and basically she tries to find the best brand for each individual. Her theme is about how women choose equipment, based on their personal skiing style.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Elling's book is excellent I hope he updates it for the new skis. Anyone tried Ellings depiction of a quick and dirty check of alignment? Find a piece of foam rubber about 3/4 - 1" thick and stand on it with your boots in the bindings. Now lay a straight edge across the top of the skis and see how they lie. Are they tilted in or tilted out? He has a lot of simple, seat of the pants stuff.

In terms of production quality Ellings book is far beyond most and I think has set the benchmark. Readability of text, photos, drawings, layout etc. I wish Harb had followed his example in terms of production quality before releasing his notes he calls a book. (and how about that 1st Breakthrough Lito book in paperback? Unreadable text font! (at least the ink won't prevent burning))

Lisamarie, [police bullhorn voice] "Stand away from the ski instruction book!"

I don't think you need -more- ideas on how to ski or -more- things to think about when you ski! (Just thinking about what you think about when you ski makes me tired. "Ski? No, I think I'd better have a lie down.")

It might be better to spend the time doing something like...uh..flips on a trampoline! The parallel uneven bars are still a good option here...
I've got an idea- watch the begining of the Sybernetics tape with JC Killy skiing over and over. (I'll make you a tape)
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I'm with Tog. LisaMarie gets too much advice. LisaMarie, find one methodology or system that you believe in and stick with it.

Of course, I'll tell you to focus on PMTS. You, are the perfect PMTSian. You love to train and PMTS is all about training. I'm telling you (I'll bet on it) - 3 days with that woman instructor who sent you the email would change your life. I bet she'd come out East - put her up at your place.

Elway just barked, "Ruff"!
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Now I'll have to read the Ellings book <FONT size="1">

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Not fair, SCSA!! You know I'm a sucker for cuteness, especially when it involves 4 legged creatures.
Tell you what. Why don't you show me a few things when we go to Fernie.

I'm not letting anyone who is an instructor ski with me, because it is their vaction and I am an instructor's worst nightmare!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Lisamarie - I'll ski with you...we can inspire each other's bad dreams.

But you're right. It's everyone's holiday, and I wouldn't want to make it a drag for anyone.
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I'm w/ Jimmy P (Paige?). you can ski with me. I don't believe in adhering to just one faction either... just getting better.

Spag's quote of the day:
"...the hoop just looks like a big ol' huge bucket."
- Micheal Jordan -
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Spag: Didn't know you were coming to Fernie!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I wish. I think the new job is going to keep me locked in SD for quite a stretch. Sorry. Didn't mean to be a tease.
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LOL Tog!!! My dad bought that Sybernetics set 20 years ago! I think it's still around somewhere.... I wonder what would happen if I played that and the PSIA demo tape side by side.....whaaaa...!?!

BTW, I'm new here...are we bashing destuctors here? If so, please give me a heads up so I can slip into my kevlar undies...
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You'll be there in spirit. I keep a mental file of things that I've heard or read brilliant instructors say. Then, when I am on the slopes, the important stuff comes back to me.

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Harumpf. Won't ski with me Lisamarie? Oh, fine then you brat!

Visit me here &gt;&gt;&gt;SnoKarver
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But you're not coming to Fernie, or are you? If I got to Breck I would gladly ski with you. Anyway, I ski so slowly that you would probably feel like you were in suspended animation!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Skiing at Fernie with a group of 10-15 instructors and only one or two students could really screw with your brain... "try this".. "No, try THIS..." "How about this"... "Think about this, AND that".. "No, NO, don't think about THAT, think about THIS". hehe. You'd get hammered from all sides. It may cure you of your habit of seeking out instruction, and teach you those well worn words "shut up and ski"!
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Lisamarie, you crack me up! I have the habit (too many years of teaching) of trying to determine what kind of learner people are from their posts. You would be a treat to work with! Lots of active buttons to push, eager and determined.
I have my suspicions about what teaching styles would be fun for you...love to hear it from Todd....anyway when you said "filed", I smiled. When you are without the white labratory, transfering to your PT stuff is logical and filing and sorting the head stuff is fine. I don't worry about you over thinking of getting confused, you are plenty organized enough to sift,sort and store info for recall. Kinda like the squirrels...you are the one (with a little help) that will make sense of it all. I can just see you feeling something in January...and the light going off..A HA!!! that's it...now where did I file that?
While I agree that some people overload and all of us must just plug into the mountain and be the skier...keep reading, it ain't hurting you in August.<FONT size="1">

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Thank you! Todd, Ski Maestro, comments based on one lesson and many online converstaions?

Actually I am more self critical than any instructor could ever be. "Get foward, you're counter rotating, release that inside ski, damnit, stop muscleing, no, no no you're edging sequentially again!"

Contributes greatly to the "Uh Oh Syndrome". "Your'e just not good enough to make that turn!"

Regarding Fernie, fortunately most instructors will not be skiing the wimmpie stuff that I ski. I think I may forgo taking any ski school lessons while I'm there. I pity the poor instructor if any of "the gang" sees him teaching me something they disagree with!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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I met Ellen last year. She actually is smaller than she looks on her video. Great skier and actually (I know I shouldn't say this) is very cute and very nice. She is about as big as a minute.

In reference to sticking with one technique, I can understand the why you may want to do that. It would to avoid confusion with some individuals. However if you are reasonably astute, which I believe you are, you can sponge it all in and then throw away what doesn't work for you. I would only suggest you work on one thing at a time or you may never know what change really helped you. Also don't go verboard and keep trying more and more. You really need to hone something in a little bit before you throw it away. Kind of the same approach used to solving a problem. Change to much at one time and you won't be able to determine what change really helped.

I will stay out of the ATS & PMTS discussion. I know Harald and he is a nice person. I steal from everything that I can and then use what I need to coach my students. Heck sometimes I even make up things as I go but please don't tell my students.

"May the force be in your mind and not in your skis."
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Man, have you got me pegged! I'm trained by 4 different schools of Pilates, and teach a bit from all of them. There are things I like about PMTS, but there is nothing that is going to make me lock my boots together like some female version of a sperm turner!

OOPS! Probably shouldn't have said that, but what the heck!

BTW, I also make up things as I go along when I teach. You don't tell on me, I won't tell on you!

Be Braver in your body, or your luck will leave you. DH Lawrence
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Now now. What if locking your boots together made you a better skier?

BTW, maybe I've given everyone here the impression that PMTS is all about locking their boots together. It's not. Narrow stance, yes. Locking the boots together, no.

So, my question rephrased would be: If a narrow stance made you a better skier, would you do it?
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Off topic, not looking to start a fight.

But how is it that sperm turner makes the cut, but when I use a word the begins with b, referencing a woman's body, that gets cut?
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