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Another loss to the industry

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I found out this morning that a couple of good friends of mine, who were both PSIA-C Examiners, have died in the crash of their single engine airplane in Wisconsin this past Friday.

Larry and Vicki Garves- Berg were also close friends of ArcMeister, who many of you know from the various ESA's.


This is quite a loss for the industry....


PSIA-C Examiners Vicki and Larry Berg Lost in Plane Crash

Long-time Alpine Education Staff examiners Vicki Garves-Berg and Larry Berg perished when their private plane crashed in western Wisconsin on Friday, January 30, at shortly after 9:40 p.m. Cause of the fatal tragedy is not known as of Monday morning.

Larry and Vicki both served as Central Division examiners for many years, provided clinic leadership for PSIA events, and delivered clinic and technical leadership for several snowsports schools in Wisconsin and Minnesota. In recent years Vicki was a leader in rejuvenating and expanding Central Division's "Train the Trainer" accreditation program. Both Vicki and Larry served on the Alpine Education and Certification Committee. Vicki also was an instructor for Vail.

Larry and Vicki took delivery of their Cirrus SR20 several weeks ago, with the engine completely rebuilt by the manufacturer. News media reported that Larry was "an experienced pilot", and had filed a routine instrument flight plan from Sheboygan, Wisconsin to their home base in New Richmond, Wisconsin. When their plane disappeared from radar screens their assigned flight level was 4,000 feet. Local witnesses, who feared the aircraft might hit a nearby home, reported that they saw plane lights but did not hear any motor noise. Reports from the scene describe a wooded area, flames, and debris strewn over an area roughly 150 feet wide and 400 feet long in Dunn County, north of Menomonie, Wisconsin.

A third passenger, 44 year old Brett Weller, from Hudson, Wisconsin, apparently rode along with Larry to Sheboygan. There they picked up Vicki. Larry often flew Vicki to and from her anesthetist service provided to hospitals throughout Wisconsin.

This tragic loss of Vicki and Larry is painful for hundreds of friends and colleagues in the community of snowsports instructors. PSIA/AASI Central extends condolences to Vicki and Larry's families and friends. "The Bergs" will be missed.

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Sorry to hear about your loss VSP


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Sorry to hear this and the loss is even more tragic because the SR is thought to be a safer aircraft, having a parachute system.

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Verry sorry to hear about this.

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Thanks for the report, Ric. A very tragic loss....


As we wander around, thinking about "important" trivial matters like what color the website is, what the stock market is doing, and how to initiate a carved turn, news like this shocks us quickly back to reality. To all who knew Vicki and Larry, and to all in the Central Division, I am sorry for your loss.


Best regards,


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With a lump in my throat, this is a terrible loss.

It reminds me of how much this community means and how much we share.

My heart goes out to those who were close to these folks.


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Sorry for the loss of your friends.


I heard the story on local news.



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As we approach the one year anniversary of the loss of Vicki and Larry, we can't help but think of the Vail  Community and how you have had to move forward without them.  I know you continue to share in our grief as their passing was such a tremendous loss to so many; it is still so hard today. 

We thank you for your thoughts and prayers for Vicki and Larry this past year.  We believe God is making sure they are always together cutting perfect 8's, knee deep and untracked, forever.

Bobbi Garves
Vicki's Siter-in-Law
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