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As I said in my first post I am very happy to give you the benefit of the doubt that a mistake was made. But I would have been remiss if I did not point out the exact situation that has occurred. I actually thought of emailing you when I saw your ad last week to say the same thing. I was stunned when I saw you posting here.
It was not and is certainly not my intent to accuse you of being a thief. Just to make you think that perhaps you made a mistake and should now correct it by doing the right thing. Keep trying to find the owner and do not use the skis. If and when you do find the owner of the 172s and he has your 158s that would be fabulous! However if you find the owner and he does not have yours at least he won't be out a set of nice skis himself.
Hopefully someone will respond to your ads and inquiries and all will work out.
Believe me when I say I am very sorry that your skis have gone missing. I would certainly be POed if it happened to me.

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This all sounds like a REALLY good reason to lock up ur skis. I do mine...both up top and at the bottom...it was at the top that my daughters went missing for a whole afternoon. A small cable lock with a key. The key is permentatly attatched to my pants by a chain so it doesnt get lost. 

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I'd be inclined to keep skiing these skis until you've found the owner.  If it's between ligthly using (you are only 150 lbs) these skiis vs. not skiing at all the decision would be easy.

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Tortoise...that was my original thinking until I was guilted out of that here. 


To be honest, since this happened, my desire to go skiing has dropped to nothing... my bigger desire is just to go to the hill where this happened and stand by the main lift checking everybody's skis.


A bit of a problem is that the Ottawa area has a ton of recreational skiers, but not so many hardcore skiers (like the ones that make up this forum).  Most people only go skiing every other weekend or even once a month to one of the small hills around here.  Probably 80% of skiers are these intermediate recreational types... many might not notice the difference between a shorter/longer ski - or they would attribute the difference to their ability or the conditions...not necessarily the skis.  Many skiers don't know or care what brand/model of skis they are on as well... so me asking about a "Dynastar Contact 9" might mean nothing to the owner.  So I think there's a reasonable possibility this person has been skiing with my skis without noticing... or simply hasn't gone skiing yet.  All I know, is that they haven't filed a report with the Wakefield (Edelweiss) police or reported it to the hill yet.  Unfortunately, the nearby hills don't even take 'lost/stolen' ski reports.


Anyway, if this thread has made one more person use a ski lock...and prevent another mistake or theft, I feel a bit better.

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Hindsight is 20/20 as they say.  It's easy to point out what he should have done or assume that anyone else would have heightened awareness in that situation.  People react differently in situations like this - some would analyze the skis with a microscope and others would be so relieved in thinking they've found the skis that they would certainly skip that.  I think the latter happened and you're doing the right thing in trying to find the owner. 


If I were the person who's skis you either have now or took yours by mistake (or both), I would definitely have called and visited the exact same places where you have likely posted your signs and called if I had noticed and was interested in getting my skis back.  In fact, if it was not a mistake and someone really did swipe your skis, then I'm sure the person who owns the skis you have now would be frantic and report their loss.  This all sounds like it was an honest mistake that has not yet been identified by the other party.


Now, should you keep them or turn them in?  Give it some time and see if the other person turns up.  You probably don't want to be responsible for turning them in and then getting yours back without being able to return the favor.  I would also guess that the authorities could advise you on what to do if nobody claims them in a given timeframe.

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Thank you ChappyOnIce, that is exactly what happened...a brief moment of panic, followed by extreme relief, grabbing the skis and heading for the car.  I've never seen anyone else with my skis or poles on the hills, so the thought that someone would have both never crossed my mind. It's unfortunate I didn't take the skis out for another two weeks.


That's a good suggestion, asking the police what to do with the skis if I don't find the owner.  I've started checking with the police depts for the other hills as well just in case they reported it as being stolen from a different hill. Unfortunately, police depts aren't very organised in their record keeping - I assumed they would all have easily searchable computerised crime records...far from it.

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  I'm not going to make any comments on what you should or shouldn't do now but just offer some small degree of sympathy.  I had just gottten new skis when they were accidentally taken the first time.  I couldn't believe it.  I started to look at anyone with the same kind of skis and actually almost cross-examined one woman who had the same sort of sticker on one ski that I did.  Luckily she was very clear they were her skis but totally understood my panic!  I didn't suffer too long as the husband of the woman who had taken them showed up about 5 minutes later saying his wife was on the way down and they were terribly sorry...she had accidentally taken them..not noticing they were a slightly different model, a different length..........luckily I did not share my thoughts with him!!  I hope you somehow manage to get yours back!

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You are obviously very sincere and it certainly sounds like an honest mistake. Lots of bad luck and some amazing coincidences (matching skis, poles and even binding sizes). I feel for you.
You've explained the situation well and it sounds like you are doing everything you can given the circumstances. Good luck in finding your skis and the owner of the 172s.

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I couldn't read all the posts, but got the jist of the situation.  To those who doubt you, I have a similar story.


2 seasons ago I was on a road trip & spent a day cat skiing in BC.  At the end of the day everyone went in the lodge while our skis where unloaded from 3 cats.  I was one of the last people to leave, as most of the days group had come on a bus & left earlier. when I went outside there was only one pair of skis like mine, our poles where seperate.  I grabbed them, put them in the car & headed to my next destination.  It wasn't until the next day & 200km away that I realized they weren't my skis.  I called the cat outfit & explained what probably happened & that the skis I had were rentals with nothing to ID what shop they were from.  Luckily the guy who had grabbed my skis realized his mistake when he tried to return them to the rental shop & was able to contact me from London.  Long story short, I was able to get the rentals back to the shop with a little detour on my way home & get my skis.  I wasn't happy to be skiing on unmaintained rentals for a week, but everything turned out okay.


Anyway, stuff like this does happen more often than you would think.


I suggest recording your skis serial numbers.


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I was in Verbier, with a group of 6, when our guide showed up for a backcountry tour. I put my skis on the rack not 5 feet away, to get my orientation. 10 minutes later, I turned around and my skis were gone. I searched the square to no avail, and sent my group on it's way as I searched the gondola line, also to no avail. I went back to the scene of the crime, and someone put my skis back!!! I missed out on a paid for backcountry tour, but at least got my skis back.

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Ottawa does have a ton of recreational skiers and most of them wouldn't recognize the difference between a 165 and a 170 cm ski, same everywhere though.  Edelweiss is known as a hot spot for having your skis stolen, it is due to all the kids that go up there.  I remember being in high school and some of my friends used to 'ahem' borrow skis that where better than the ones they had brought that day/night and trade up, however, they wouldn't give them back.  I used to give them hell about it, but what was I going to do, tell on my buddies.  Lock up your skis in the Ottawa area, if you are going anywhere near Camp Fortune, Edelweiss, Cascades, Mont Ste Marie, and even Vorlage.  I left my skis unlocked at Jackson Hole for a week and nothing happened to them, but they were Volkl P60 Custom GS skis and no one out there would ever ski on a 65mm underfoot ski, so they were pretty safe leaving them unattended as I would be in the Mangy Moose for a couple of hours after the lifts closed.  If anyone is going near Mont Tremblant lock up everything in sight and use the lockers as anything and everything will be stolen in 2 seconds flat if you leave anything unattended.

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Thanks Jay31

I went and bought a new ski lock yesterday and used it. Cost all of 15 bucks,prety cheep compaired to the stress it can prevent

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When I was teenager, one day we took Ellen Post's Volkl Zebras leaving Jiminy Peak.  These were the white skis striped with black - great ski at the time.


We got home and the phone rang.  She was on her way to a competition and we had her skis, she had ours (famiy member) - both were Zebras.  We were able to make the swap, but they were not happy.  Stupid but innocent mistake.  We had no idea there was a problem until the phone call.


Meanwhile, Jay, I think it's good to post and talk about what happened.  It is important to try to straighten out the ownership of the skis you have now.  If you have notified the ski area you should keep in touch with them since it might not be the priority you see it to be.  This problem goes both ways.The other guy has to live with his choices and you have to live with yours.  In situations like this I have found that my actions are more important than what others choose to do. 


I don't want to pass judgement on you in any way.  But I know that sometimes getting another person's perspetive can provide clarity.

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Thanks everyone for the sympathy and advice - I appreciate the different perspectives on what to do... I need all of hte advice I can get.


Old Boot, I'm happy this has made at least one person get a lock.


The most frustrating thing is the lack of help you get from either the police or the ski hills.  Edelweiss is the only ski hill in the Ottawa region that even keeps stolen/lost ski records (they must get a lot of them)...though even there, you hear something different depending on who you get on the phone.  The other ski hills won't even record that you inquired.  All of the local hills come under different police jurisdictions, and most will not even record them as stolen when you tell them that it was a mix up as opposed to a theft (It seems a mix up is not a crime, so they don't want to record it...ugh...I probably should have just said stolen). 


One interesting note from the cops - far far more snowboards than skis are stolen... they had tons of stolen boards, but only a few skis..no Dynastars.


As for the skis I have... I checked with the police, and no I am not a thief... there was no criminal intent.  They didn't have a problem with me using them, and just advised me to keep checking with the ski hill and searching for the owner.  Effectively, they are mine until someone reports them stolen.  I forgot to ask if there was a time limit on that....but I will search for the rest of the ski season.


Anyway, if I'm ever going to get my skis back, I think it will take a bit of persistence and a lot of luck... the first one I can do...we'll see about the second one.

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I'd say you're doing everything you can and can ski those now with a clear conscience

I'm can understand the police being disinterested... kinda used to it... but you would think the ski hill would be an active participant in helping it's customers in a situation like that sad.
For me the time limit would be the end of the season. If you use them until then and have not found the owner by the time the snow is gone you might as well consider them yours under the circumstances.
I might be going up to Edelweiss this Saturday for the T&L demo day. If not I'll be up there in the next couple of weeks. I'll keep an eye out for 158 Contact 9s and the poles you describe 

I'll also be sure to use a lock!

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Thanks Laurentianskier, I appreciate it!  They were the grey-orange 2007 models.  I might head there on Sunday if the weather's good.


I decided I'm going to treat these skis as my own - this might sound bad, but I mean I'm going to take care of them, lock them, wax/tune them if needed, etc..  I would hope the other guy is treating mine the same way...  I fear he might never notice the difference..or not ski much, but I can't control that - I think I've already done more than most people would...so I'm just going to check with Edelweiss regularily, and keep an eye out for other contact 9s...  In the end, shit happens...lessons learned...hopefully I've helped some others learn the same lesson through this thread.



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Wicked Bumma.


Couple ideas...


1.  Split up your skis and poles.  Just do not forget where you put 'em.


2.  Customize.  Sharpie Initials and perhaps phone #.  I have a Yoda sticker on one ski and Obi Wan on the other staring up at me.  Obi-wan reminds me to: Use the force", "Let go" and "Feel the force flowing through you."  Yoda says: "Do or do not.  There is no try."

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Awesome, I need to get some Yoda stickers. 

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