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Summer reading

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I just ordered ESki's new book.

Anybody have any other suggestions, including PSIA stuff. I've read witherrel's book, but that's pretty much it.

I'm not into jargon, more of a "just ski it" type. Still, I'd like to read some books that can help my skiing and my teaching.

P.S. - I hope Barnes finishes his book soon, I'd like to see it.
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Just for the fun of it, try Warren's World, by Warren Miller.
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See if you can find Georges Joubert "Skiing, an art.. A technique"

Some will say it's dated. I found it quite informative and very helpful in understanding a lot that translated into better instructing.

Ellen Post Foster's "Technical Skills for Alpine Skiing"
Ellen Post Foster's "Skiing and the Art of Carving" (there is a video companion for the art of carving)

I also found Ron Le Masters "The Skier's edge" a great read. If you are a visual learner, there are a lot of photos in this book.
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You mentioned you have "The Athletic Skier", a great book.

For a very non-technical, more metaphysical perspective, one of my all time favorites remains "The Centered Skier" by Denise McCluggage. It was first published in 1977, then re-released in the '80's. Might be hard to find, but worth the effort. (Warner books 91-061, ISBN 0-446-91061-9, library congress CC# 76-46301)

Especially for your teaching check out Galloway's "Inner Skiing".
Usually easy to find in 1/2 price bookstores.

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Mark Elling's "The All Mountain Skier". It's really sort of a toolbox/reference to go to for specific problems or to develop skills. It also has excellent sections on alignment. While not as nicely produced as the first edition, it has been updated for current equipment.
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What to read? Here is a listing of books with my opinions.

Already mentioned:
The Skier's Edge - very good book, to me this was a read it more than once book.
The Athletic Skier - deep detail, lots of information.
The All Mountain Skier - lots of info, but not as detailed as the above.
Skiing And The Art Of Carving - a P.S.I.A. text book, not much new. I was hoping for a women's view on skiing and was disappointed.
Alpine Skiing Steps To Success - John Yacenda - OK
Anyone Can Be An Expert Skier - Harald Harb - some interesting things here, but very much by the numbers (Germanic).
Breakthrough On Skis & The New Skis - Lito Tejada-Flores - for a struggling intermediate, this is probably the best book around. It is also the best written and most easily
understandable book I've read.
Deep Powder Skiing - Gustav Harder & Alfred Siegert - OK
Distinctive Skiing - Bill W. West - you really should read them all, the good and the bad (even the ugly)!
Essential Skiing A Bible For All Skiers - Herb Gordon - OK
No Hill Too Fast - Phil & Steve Mahre - they have some different ideas, but the book seems dated (1985).
The whole enchilada of skiing - Bob Barnes - read it, read it, read it, read it!
The Downhill Skiing Handbook - Paul & Christine McCallum - OK

Then there are the "Head" books:
Inner Skiing (or golf, or tennis, or ???) - Tim Gallwey & Robert Kriegel - if you like it, you like it.
Skiing, The Mind Game - Marlin M. Mackenzie - a waste of time?
Skiing With The Whole Body - Jack Heggie - P.S.I.A. had an article last year called "The Three Steps To Success". The author sort of gave Heggie credit for inventing the three steps. I especially was interested in his chapter 12 where he advised "hold your knees locked together", read the book.
Smart Skiing - Dennis J. Selder - the best of the head books, almost made me a believer.

Has all there is to be said been said? There do not seem to be many new books about skiing on the market. Why are there so few female ski writers?

Good reading,

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I forgot to ask. What is ESki's new book?
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Summer reading list (I've already finished them, so I'm looking for more):

Right on the Edge of Crazy by Mike Wilson. Great book on the US Mens Downhill squad. The author followed around the team for two years leading up to the '92 Olympics, and got what I've heard is a pretty accurate view of what life in the White Circus is like.

Technical Skills for Alpine Skiing by Ellen Post Foster.
Race Skills for Alpine Skiing by Ellen Post Foster. Written from a race-training standpoint, but two of the best books I've seen for drills and how/when to apply them.

Ski Faster by Lisa Feinberg Densmore. More about race tactics than drills, a valuable companion to the Ellen Post Foster books.

The Athletic Skier by Warren Witherell and David Evrard. A classic. The sections on alignment, stance, and equipment alone justify owning the book.

The Skiers Edge by Ron LeMaster. Physics Man's type of skiing book- lots of diagrams and formulas. Not a real page turner, and I can't say I agree with everything presented, but there are a lot of very clear examples that I found useful. Besides, nobody does a skiing photo montage like him.

Wine, Women, Warren, & Skis by Warren Miller. Sometimes I need to be reminded that at the core of it, skiing is about having fun.

The Complete Encyclopedia of Skiing by Bob Barnes. Sits next to my computer so I can understand what the rest of you are talking about.

Breakthrough on Skis by Lito Tejada Flores. Between the books and the videos, got me moving past the "intermediate plateau". Lito has a gift for words, and while he advocates things I don't necessarily subscribe to anymore (i.e. narrow stance), his "zen and the art of skiing" approach is a welcome contrast to the "by the numbers method".
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Thank you for posting these titles of books. I am looking to update my skiing library this summer. I was unable to teach skiing in Australia this summer, so I have decided to read about it instead.
Thanks for the info

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