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I guess it's been a slow year.


Just an FYI as I happened to be looking at the site.  Panorma is a really nice mountain, about the 3rd or 4th highest verticle in North America and having a fairly decent snow year, they have all 120 runs open and the Extreme Dream Zone full open.


From Sunday night for 49 hours they are selling accomodation at $49.00/night per person.  So any studio on the mountain would be bookable, now to the end of the ski year for $98.00, a 3 bedroom would be a 6 person unit.  They say on their site any accomodation level.  They have bronze to gold accomodation so I imagine this is a first come first serve basis.


Oh they're also offering a $149.00 snow card for 4 days skiing.  I don't know if there's a minimum stay, I didn't liook into it thata far but if you're in the area or just looking for a deal, it's a really nice quiet resort with lots of terrain.

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