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Skis for NASTAR?

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I just skied Wachusett in MA for the first time last night, boy is that sucker flat! I got a night/weekday pass there to ski after work. Well, I think i'm going to do some NASTAR to keep myself interested and I need some skis for it. They say NASTAR courses are sized "inbetween" slalom and GS, and this hill is flat, and icy. I have a few existing options:

1. 198 cm Volkl P30 Race Carver racings (Race stock) with a Ti deflex+salomon race stock bindings with lifters. Actually not as stiff as the commercial 198, but maybe way to much ski.

2. 163 cm Elan SCX, which probably will get a homemade Schnider lifter (~2 or 3" lift) on them this year. Is this legal? Too much ski in the turning department?

3. Whatever freeskiing ski I get this year (stormriders).

Or I have seen a pair of last years rossi slalom skis for a good price that I'd consider picking up. I also have a volkl polyflex lifter/damper I'd put on them, and they'd be fun to rip around on off the race course.

6'1", 190 lb, expert.


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The Stormrider will outperform any of the other skis mentioned in NASTAR. My Storm II last year outperformed the Atomic BR 9.16 by an average of 2 seconds. That is why I am now going with the Stockli Laser GS in 186 for NASTAR and Masters GS racing. Stockli makes race stock. Period. The other brands give you consumer race versions of their best. Also, Stockli bases are very special. I've skied them all, but I think Stockli will get my handicap under 8 and get me to Park City NASTAR.
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I have a line on some last years stockli Laser SL's in a 172. I'm a little concerned about them being enough ski, since stockli offered a 180 and 186 in this too.

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I bought the Stockli 178 GS as the primary ski but I plan to also try a very light weight pair of P-40 SL's (170). At 53 I am loosing kick out of the start and on our flat top section they may help make up some speed.

The good news when you sign on as instructor is that NASTAR is free ........ the bad news is that IF you get to run, it's towards noon on a soft and rutted course. Some of us need all the help we can get!
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Might be able to pick up a pair of used rossi slaloms for a pretty good deal. 167 cm. Any thoughts?

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I ripped the course up a few times last year with Rossi T-Power Vipers in 174. Great ski to have fun on around the whole mountain when it's icy or corduroy. Beat the pacesetter a few times. You didn't say what the Rossi was. With the choices you have given, i'd lean toward the Volkl.
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